Ok so I haven’t played for forever and I don’t know what my playing schedule will be like in the near future.

I found out I failed the bar exam I took back in late July (which I expected because I didn’t study enough) so I am going to hit the books again and retake the exam at the end of February.  As long as I get my studying done each day, I’ll continue to play at night, but I also know that I have a lot to do so I’ll prolly be playing sporadically (as if that’s anything new). 

My hope was to start studying this week, but I caught a vicious cold and have felt like crap this whole week, so I’ve done nothing.  So I’ll get back on track next week.  I have also decided to bite the bullet and pay $1k for a bar review course because I know that I’m a procrastinator, but when I pay money it forces me to go out and listen to the lectures because I don’t like to waste money.  So I really need to man up and study my ass off these next almost 3 months to make sure that I pass this time and have those bar privileges in my back pocket in case this poker thing doesn’t work out.