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So people have been asking how it’s been going. Well, I guess this would be the best place to post it. I want to get the blog up and running again, so why not answer some questions.

1) How has it been Going pro?

It’s been great. I love the playing full time, I love being home and I absolutely could do this for a lot longer, But… and there is always a but, it’s tough. I knew the bankroll was tight. I didn’t have the plan on playing full time yet, and withdrawing off of a $2K, $3K or $4K roll to provide for a wife and kid is not easy. I have had to drop to $25NL at the beginning of every month after withdrawing and just before Christmas I actually dropped to $10NL. I even had my BR bottom out at $385 on December 15th. But I still got to make a $1600 withdraw on time by January 15th. Taking out $1000 for the month and money for Xmas almost ruined the dream.

As for the future, i am going to go back to work. I am not sure yet if it is a full time or part time job, but for the next year I want to improve my game and get to $400NL. I can’t keep banging away at the micros. They are easy and I seem to be able to keep getting by, but I don’t think it’s feasible to grind this tightly and not have a chance to get better and move up past $100NL. I also need to make sure I get some sort of paycheck, in order to get benefits/prescriptions/Dental and a tax form. I don’t feel like paying taxes on poker earnings so working for a check will cover my ass.

2) How are you doing?

I am running fine considering. I have withdrawn $1K a month since getting laid off August 10th, starting in September 15th thru January 15th. I took $700 more for Xmas and gave the wife $600 in January for her trip to El Salvador.

Here is December and January’s PT stats. December I managed to get myself back to $100NL before withdrawing, but needed to drop again after the 15th when I withdrew $1700, leaving me with $385.

can’t figure out the image sttings on the blog software. Here’s the link

The worst part is I haven’t been able to get the hands in for January. Partly because of pounding the pavement to find a job and partly from my son being home from daycare sick for over a week.

3) How’s working out?

Awesome. Started out in November and already have over 100 subscribers. Many are doing well too. We are getting so much great feedback from them, and all of it good. We have a bunch of them doing OP threads and blogs that you can see if you go there, even without a subscription. We are now in the process of changing a bunch of things to make the site more user friendly. We now have multiple subscription levels for micro and small stakes, and are going to start adding some higher stakes videos by request in the near future. Check it out, don’t be afraid to ask any questions that you may have.

That’s about it for now. I will be trying to keep the blog up and running now and in the future. Hopefully the job thing works out, because I am dying to see what I can do without withdrawing form the bankroll every month. I haven’t missed a $1000 withdrawal since getting laid off in August, and if you count the $700 for Xmas and the $600 for the wife’s trip, my BR would actually be at $7.5K playing only 16k hands $100NL and actually playing almost 200,000 hands at $50NL and under. Not bad eh? Could be worse. If nothing, I am an experienced Micro and small stakes grinder now, and I know what it takes to get the BR up from the ashes. So hopefully I won’t ever need to do fret doing this again for while. Good luck.