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The 2009 World Championship of Online Poker continued yesterday with event #6, a $100 + $9 no-limit Hold’em tournament with $1 million guaranteed.  The WCOOP continues to draw huge fields and destroy the guarantees and this tournament was no exception.  A total of 15,675 entrants paid the fee, bringing the total prize pool to $1,567,500, paying out 2,250 spots, and making this the largest field ever in WCOOP history.

Amazingly, despite so many players the action quickly eliminated a huge portion of the field.  Within 2 hours, the original 15,000 + entrants had been whittled down to less than 3,500 players.

Going into the final table, two players held a pretty sizable lead over the other 7 players.  Both vakAAttack and DonLeu had over 10 million in chips, while the next nearest player had just over 6.7 million.

At the final table, the action continued to be fast and furious as the 9th place player, Dwayno86, lasted just one orbit before being eliminated.  The all-ins didn’t slow down much from there, and when the dust settled, the final two players, vakAAttack and DHUSTLER15 went heads-up very close in chip counts.

The two battled for a couple of levels before the final hand.  It was a final hand that was about as sick as it gets to finish a tournament.

With blinds at 225k and 450k, DHUSTLER15 raises the button to 1 million and is called by vakAAttack.  The flop comes Kc, 8h, 7s, and both players check.  The turn brings the 7c, and again, both players check.  Then the river brings the Qh and things suddenly get interesting.  vakAAttack leads out for 5.4 million, which is more than twice the pot at this point.  DHUSTLER15 then shoves his remaining stack of just over 15 million and is snap called by vakAAttack.

DHUSTLER15 gladly shows QdQc for a rivered full boat.  His euphoria is short lived though, as vakAAttack turns over 7h7d for quads and the win in the largest WCOOP event ever.

Here’s your final table and payouts:

1st – vakAAttack – $183,334.81

2nd – DHUSTLER15 – $133,237.51

3rd – merkurstar – $101,887.51

4th – DonLeu – $70,537.51

5th – razorbite – $54,862.51

6th – THOR12345 – $39.187.51

7th – Rockkaholic – $26,647.51

8th – Percussion – $14,107.51

9th – Dwayno98 – $9,405.01