Mixed events are always tough, as they draw some of the best all around poker players in the world.  This $10k World Championship event was definitely no exception.  The final table of 8 players included not only Wahlbeck, who had already final tabled one event in this year’s Series, but also Todd Brunson, David Chiu, Mark Gregorich, and Huck Seed.

Day 3 of the tournament started with 20 players, although the original schedule called for only the final 8 players to see the 3rd day of play.  All of the remaining players then knew they were in for a tough, exhausting battle for the bracelet and the title of World Champion.

In the end it came down to the final two of Wahlbeck and Chiu.  Although Chiu had taken out several of the players on the way to heads-up action, Wahlbeck had built quite a lead on him.  The final hand saw the shorter stack, Chiu shove all-in pre-flop with Ac 5c 9d Ts to Wahlbeck’s call with Ad Qd 8d 8s while playing Omaha Hi/Low.  Wahlbeck made a straight on the river giving him his first gold bracelet and in fact the first ever WSOP bracelet for Finland.

Wahlbeck was quite emotional after the win and took a few minutes to compose himself before celebrating his victory.  He had finished 3rd in the World Championship 7-Card Stud Event just a few days before this win.  He took a nice payday of $153,000 for that third place finish.  No doubt the money for winning this event is more than a welcome reward, but it seems the real prize for the Finnish player was winning the bracelet and taking the title of World Champion home with him to Finland.

Final Table Payouts:

1st – Ville Wahlbeck $492,375

2nd – David Chiu $304,176

3rd – Scott Dorin $199,940

4th – Mark Gregorich $139,159

5th – Huck Seed $102,286

6th – James Van Alstyne $79,181

7th – Mike Wattel $64,373

8th – Todd Brunson $54,854