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There is only way to get the password for Everest Poker’s $1,000 SPT Fan Freeroll, and that’s by watching the Spanish Poker Tour Live on Everest!

Everest Poker is guaranteeing €1,000,000 over the course of the 6 cities in the 3rd annual Spanish Poker Tour.  This weekend the tour hits Ibiza and is being hosted at the Casino de Ibiza.  Numerous pros and other hopefuls will be coming out to play for their piece of the €150,000 guaranteed prize pool.  And now you can be a part of the excitement too!

If you’re a fan of the SPT and like to follow the action, you can watch it all live on the Everest Poker blog!  What’s more, Everest is hosting a special $1,000 freeroll for all the fans of the SPT that watch the livestream!  At periodic times during the broadcast, Everest will be announcing the password to the freeroll, which takes place on Sunday, May 16th at 19:00 GMT.

Here is the SPT Ibiza broadcast schedule:

Friday 14th: Starting at 18:00 GMT and finishing around 2:00 GMT
Saturday 15th: 16:00 GMT until 2:00 GMT
Sunday 16th: 16:00 GMT until 00:00 GMT

Don’t miss out on watching the great action of the Spanish Poker Tour, or on getting the $1,000 freeroll password!