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Event 11 finally came to an end after about a day and a half of play. This event was a no limit Hold ‘Em tourney with a $530 buy in and $30 fee, and was pretty generous in the prize pool. $3 million was guaranteed for the pool, and it was added to before the beginning by some extra players signing up, bringing the pool to a whopping $3,109,500.

Surprisingly enough, the big names were bounced early before people could even consider talking about cash—Greg Raymer and Moneymaker were out before the 900 and less cash cutoff. Even event host Vicky Coren didn’t make it to day two and left the tournament in 580th place winning just $1,026.1.

When day two started there were just 214 players left of the original 6,219. Leading the way was player CONOW with 1.3 million+ chips. The other players rounding out the top ten dropped early in the second day, and when the final table was set in Level 39, CONOW wasn’t far from the top:

Seat 1: Juancesan with 6,367,644 in chips

Seat 2: CONOW with 5,385,645 in chips

Seat 3: aaaaaaaa with 11,465,030 in chips

Seat 4: colonelkosta with 8,717,052 in chips

Seat 5: fabstinho with 9,934,493 in chips

Seat 6: kidwhowon with 2,212,841 in chips

Seat 7: GypsieChris with 5,626,806 in chips

Seat 8: Shazmeister with 2,513,180 in chips

Seat 9: hustla16 with 9,967,309 in chips

With blinds at 50,000/100,000 and the ante at 12,500, there were mostly small hands played until the final three. After a half hour of deliberation, an agreement was come to for their prize money based on chip count: hustla16 would win $386,533.73 since he had the bulk of the chips with just over 47 million, colonelkosta settled for $355,000 and Juancesan took home $270,000. Each player agreed that $60,000 would be left for the winner of the tournament.

Five hands later colonelkosta went all in with a pair of kings, but hustla16 bumped him with two pair kings and sixes. Less than ten hands later, hustla16 was crowned the champion after beating Juancesan with ace high. Hustla16 took the additional $60,000 set aside for the winner to their prize money total to $446,533.73.

The top table finished as follows:

1st: hustla16—$446,533.73

2nd: Juancesan—$270,000.00

3rd: colonelkosta—$355,000.00

4th: aaaaaaaa—$171,022.51

5th: fabstinho—$130,599.01

6th: CONOW—$99,504.01

7th: GypsieChris—$68,409.01

8th: kidwhowon—$37,314.01

9th : Shazmeister—$24,098.63