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The World Championship of Online Poker’s $215 buy in, 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball tournament, was the 4th installment of the WCOOP series. It was the smallest tournament of the Championship so far. It had a field of only 649 players, and a prize pool $129,800. The winner, an amateur simply called Donald, pocketed $32,450, with no chop, for 1st place in a final table filled with unknowns.

However, there was one player who made it deep who was not an amateur. Hevad Khan, who goes by the handle “RainKhan,” a very good sit-n-go tournament player, who is well known for his ability to play over 25 tables at a time! He is also known for his 6th place finish at the 2007 World Series Main Event taking home almost one million dollars. Khan was part of the final ten players of Event #4. Unfortunately, he didn’t get much farther, as he was knocked out in 8th for only $2,076. Other big names that entered included JohnnyBax (A very well known tournament player ranked 20th in the world by, PearlJammer (ranked 8th by pocketfives), Zangzeban24 (aka Imper1um, possibly the best tournament player in the world), and BeL0WaB0Ve, another respected tournament master.

The tournament lasted only 11 hours, but still went late into the night. Donald won the tournament heads-up against pstarsfish, when Donald showed down a 9 low against pstarsfish missed “draw.” The final table payouts were as follows:

  • 1st – Donald $32,450
  • 2nd – pstarsfish $18,821
  • 3rd – Omaha kid $12,006.50
  • 4th – GymZQuirk $7,788
  • 5th – polpolpol $4,867
  • 6th – GodlikeRoy $3,245

There are STILL millions of dollars in guaranteed prize pools to be claimed. Make sure to revisit the WCOOP blog in the next few days for an awesome interview with the Sit-N-Go master, RainKhan!