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Sorry guys I took a break because I had to study.

So gp333 has had an incredibly up and down day and right now it is down. He is under 30k chips and has only just over 10bb. Busto_soon has been less swingy in his day, but still has failed to get anything going. He’s at 30k chips like gabe.

BUT one FTRer is having a great showing. Maxxscam is now at nearly 200k chips and is 61st place!  Be on the lookout for his name rising on the leaderboard.

And somehow, someway, Pompanopimp STILL had the chip lead. He was momentarily out of the chip lead it seems, but has now regained it. Although big name players are on his tail. Guys like Mezmerizeplz and Elky, two respected high stakes cash game pro’s are both in the top 20. As well as hockeystud94, who won the sunday million not so long ago.

It’s almost midnight ET and I’m going to head to sleep soon.  But I’ll keep updating every hour until then, as well as updating as soon as I wake up in the morning.