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Sunday evening I’m entering a $2 SNG at Full Tilt Poker.  All seems normal, first hand brings a lot of callers (of course I’m out with my normal starting junk) with not much happening… but suddenly the second hand pops up.  I will try to post the history if anyone is interested, but here is what I recall…

 Most everyone has stacks around 1500, starting point.  One is up about 120 chips, a few are down 30 chips, so we’re all pretty even.  UTG calls BB and UTG+1 raises to 3xBB.  I think everyone else but button fold, button calls.  UTG Raises to 400 (15/30 blinds).  UTG+1 goes all in.  I’m thinking… ok, what are they doing so early?  but it gets better… button folds and gets out of the way, smart move losing only 90 chips.

UTG doesn’t hesitate and calls all-in.

Wait for it…

Hands show… UTG has 3s 9s.

Yes folks, 39 suited.

UTG+1 types out immediately something like “what in the hxxx?”

UTG+1 is showing A-J  (now not exactly what I’d go all-in with, but hey, who knows).

Flop comes down and has a 3, turn holds a 9, believe river was a jack.

UTG+1 was left with something like 70 chips, and had been shown down by 3-9.

She was befuddled.  Our super villian continued to play junk and took down two more players all in, both times with crap.  One of those two without even a face card.

Low and behold, it all works out in the end, with me being patient then showing him down twice with good group 1 hands, and another player busting him out with a high pair.  It was just weird to see the rise of the donk… and the reactions of the players being busted out… some of their chat comments upon losing their showdowns were…


“d u m b a * * !!!!!!!!!”

and… “I do not believe it.”