With FTOPS XIX wrapping up this past weekend the STR shifts its focus mainly on the world’s largest poker site, PokerStars.  With five major events spanning all of Sunday there was plenty of action for those also playing in the FTOPS Main Event.  Each and every PokerStars major easily surpassed their respective guarantees as events like the Warm-Up hit all-time heights early Sunday afternoon.  If you are looking for more information on FTOPS Event 40, 41, and the Main Event be sure to check out the FlopTurnRiver News Section for in-depth write-ups.

Much like last week the Sunday Warm-Up saw its attendance benefit directly from more players being online due to FTOPS XIX.  Once again the day’s earliest major saw more than 5,000 players pony up the $200+$15 entry fee allowing the event to surpass the million dollar prize pool mark.  With a seven-figure pot and more than $160,000 slated from the winner the “Warm-Up” was anything but boring.  Taking home the top prize was high-stakes grinder “BruceWizayne” who earned $161,905 for his heads-up victory over “steff08”.  The six-figure score was by far and away the biggest of his career on PokerStars.  Runner-up steff08 still took home $120,578 despite falling during heads-up play.  This was quite the score for the mid-stakes player who had failed to ship even a four-figure score on PokerStars lately.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up $750k Guaranteed
5,175 Entrants; $1,035,000 prize pool

1. BruceWizayne $161,905
2. steffo8 $120,578
3. jfitz23 $85,388
4. Nespotar $58,478
5. mrlimp $43,988
6. Agent Bear $33,638
7. Enners $23,288
8. xalbas11 $12,938
9. mike2379 $8,280

Much like the Warm-Up, the Sunday Million saw a big boost in attendance this past weekend. Typically the weekend’s largest major the Million actually took a back seat for once to FullTilt’s tournaments, but still managed to garner more than 9,100 entrants.  With a $1,835,600 prize pool and more than $250,000 slated for the winner there was a lot of excitement heading into the final table.  There were some solid players on hand including Brian “ZBtHorton1” Horton who earned more than $224,000 after a 3-way chop with “arabella1722” and “surfstar33”.  Horton is considered a top online professional having won the $1K Monday in the past.  Second place finisher surfstar33 earned just $169,936 after the chip chop which still ranked as the biggest score of his career.  Despite having won a heads-up tournament in the past he was no match for arabella1722 who guaranteed herself $166,70 after the chop and earned an additional $30,000 for winning the Million.

PokerStars Sunday Million $1.5M Guaranteed
9,178 Entrants; $1,835,600 prize pool
*3-way chop

1. arabella1722 $196,707
2. surfstar33 $169,936
3. ZBTHorton1 $224,885
4. Peter Pan 43 $91,780
5. Gantz98 $73,424
6. sviestas $55,068
7. Flush_entity $36,712
8. df1986 $20,192
9. aizenxaim $12,849

The Sunday500 continues to churn out great final tables full of big name professionals. This past weekend 1,106 of the best players in the world showed up vying for a $94,010 first place prize. Among the elite making the final table were Steven “PiKappRaider” Burkholder and Isaac “WestmenloAA” Baron. Both are considered two of the best internet tournament players of all time as each have amassed enormous scores throughout their years online.  Burkholder has three $200k+ scores to his name including both an FTOPS and WCOOP win.  His $245,696 victory in FTOPS Event #17 in 2009 rates as the biggest and best of his career. His $21,844 check for finishing 6th in the $500k barely cracks his top-30 online cashes.  Baron, who is a FullTilt sponsored professional, is often referred to as “Menlo” by the online poker community.  He also has a quarter-million score to his name having won a major on PokerStars back in 2007 for $254,518.  His 3rd place finish in the $500k this past weekend was good for $52,480.

Heads-up play came down to “Cal_Baller” and “APD0290” with APD eventually coming out on top. The victory was good for $94,010 and the prestige of winning the day’s toughest event.

PokerStars Sunday $500k Guaranteed
1,106 Entrants; $553,000 prize pool

1. APD0290 $94,010
2. Cal_Baller $69,125
3. westmenloAA $52,480
4. isuckoutonu $37,604
5. OBVAMENTS $27,374
6. PiKappRaider $21,844
7. DarrenB25 $16,314
8. BBOY3110 $10,784
9. parksy1066 $5,972

James “Andy McLEOD” Obst and Corwin “mig.com” Mackey highlighted the Sunday $215 re-buy final table.  The day’s largest rebuy event had 261 players re-buy and add-on enough to build the prize pool up to $182,200.  With more than $37,000 up for grabs for the champion it was a spirited final table with deep stacks and a lot of action.  Obst found himself heads-up with “CesarSPA” but failed  to take down his fellow high-stakes brethren.  Big scores are no stranger to both Obst and CesarSPA who have each made $180,000 cashes in their careers. In 2009 Cesar nearly won the Sunday Million before falling in 2nd place for $188,853. Obst also has seen great success in online majors having won SCOOP Event 11 in 2009 for $184,000 and finished 5th in the FTOPS Main Event that same year for $127,211. In the end CesarSPA was just too much as he took down the $215r title and a nice $37,351 payday.

PokerStars Sunday $215 $150k Guaranteed
261 Entrants; $182,200 prize pool

1. CesarSPA $37,351
2. Andy McLEOD $27,330
3. Ansgar2000 $20,589
4. Goldenboys $15,487
5. schnizeltoe $10,750
6. GasparLeMarc $8,199
7. PURPLE”K”99 $6,377
8. mig.com $4,555
9. Mindalterer $3,189

Wrapping up a solid day of online events on PokerStars was the $200+$15 buy-in, $250,000 guaranteed Sunday Second Chance. The day’s latest starting major event was not short on action as more than 1,500 entrants created a $304,600 prize pool. With nearly $55,000 on tap for the winner there was plenty of jockeying going on heading into the final table.  Two of the more well known names at the final table included “MaltLiquor40” and “stanman420” who both made it down to three-handed play. Busting first was MaltLiquor40 who earned $30,460 for his efforts. The five-figure score was just one of many on a resume that includes multiple wins in the $109r and second place finishes in the Sunday500, Second Chance, and $215r.  Stanman420 was left to battle it out with “JD9712” for the title.  Stan was no stranger to major success on PokerStars in the past having won the Sunday500 just two months ago for $88,112. He was able to put that experience to good use as he shipped the Second Chance title and earned $54,949 in the process.

PokerStars Sunday Second Chance $250k Guaranteed
1,523 Entrants; $304,600 prize pool

1. stanman420 $54,949
2. JD9712 $39,750
3. MaltLiquor40 $30,460
4. qucumba $22,845
5. cool0813 $15,991
6. fabsoul $12,945
7. F_Spieler $9,899
8. i need bonds$ $6,853
9. g3ntlem4n $4,264

With FTOPS XIX coming to an end there was just one regular major running on FullTilt this past weekend.  Still, with plenty of players online due to the Main Event the Mulligan saw a nice boost in attendance as more than 1,400 players entered the $216 event.  Of those 1,405 on hand were nearly 30 FullTilt sponsored professionals including Ryan Daut, FTOPS winner Scott Clements, and 26th place finisher Jan Skampa. Other professionals making the money included Mike “the Mouth” Matusow who finished in31st place, Marc Karam in 80th, and Roberto Romanello who fell in 46th place. The biggest names at the final table were Jordan “jymaster11” Young and Justin “zeejustin” Bonomo who finished in 6th and 5th place respectively. Young is a top-10 ranked MTT professional with a few six-figure scores to his name while Bonomo is a high-stakes cash game professional who made a name for himself earlier in his career in online tournaments. Both players failed to down “IMYDJJ” who went onto win the Mulligan earning $60,415 in the process.

FullTilt Sunday Mulligan $200k Guaranteed
1,405 Entrants; $281,000 prize pool

1. IMYDJJ $60,415
2. drunkpoky $38,216
3. bearbuck $28,381
4. tvcsa $22,480
5. ZeeJustin $16,860
6. Jymaster11 $12,083
7. Towelfish $7,868
8. madcer $5,620
9. amblues19 $3,934