Yes, Dennis was the ultimate host of SNL’s weekend update… I won’t argue any longer.

 Back to poker… This weekend I had a great time playing poker.  I awoke Saturday and strapped on my poker cap, filled my diet pepsi and started work.  In the morning I played 3 $2 SNG’s on FTP (ok, I only play on FTP) and finished ITM on both, no first though… took a break and then spent an hour or so with the family… then the house was quiet again for a while and I tried an experiment.  I entered 4 $1 SNG tourneys at once… just to see what it would be like to multi-table more than two.  It went well… I finished 1 in first, 1 in third and had a bad beat on the other at the bubble.  Ok, the 4th one I sucked, but hey, sometimes you just gotta showdown that wild guy, and sometimes he has the goods.

That little experiment having succeeded, and the family back home, I quit until late evening, where I tried my hand at two seperate $2 SNG’s again, each on their own… the first one I did ok but got out just at the bubble, cards just were not favorable.  Second one I was dealt rockets in the BB first hand, had a few good hands and was up some chips, but made a stupid bet against what I thought was a bluff and I got beat.

So Saturday was a reasonably successful day, on to Sunday.

Sunday I didn’t get my quiet morning time, was called into work at 2am so my morning was shot.  Later in the morning i played a bit, took two first places at a $1 tourneys, then a 3rd in a $2 a little later in the afternoon.  In the evening I went into three $1 at the same time, didn’t want to push 4 as my wife was in the room playing on her computer also… things were going ok but I just wasn’t playing as well.  One 8th place finish, one 5th and one on the bubble.  So no money that night. 

All in all, my BR has climbed, I’m not marked as a fish any longer on Sharkscope and things look promising… not a bad weekend.

The moral of the weekend:  Multi-tabling for a beginner can be profitable as long as you limit the amount of tables and are not distracted.  It is very easy to make mistakes when multi-tabling and you have to have the same strategy on each table… tight is right!