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Another FTOPS has come and gone, but don’t worry, high stakes tournament action is far from over. Over the next month you can catch the MiniFTOPS on Full Tilt Poker and the mother of all online tournament series – WCOOP (World Championship Of Online Poker). WCOOP is the biggest series there is, featuring multiple $10,000 buy – in events as well as a $5,000 Main Event with an astonishing $8M Guaranteed prize pool!

Of course while players are getting ready for all the great action that the MiniFTOPS and WCOOP will bring them in September, all the usual high stakes action is in full swing and just like always, let’s start off with the Sunday Warm-up.

Russian player “RibyJl9R” came to the final table as the chip leader and managed to maintain his advantage throughout the final table to face German player “da Ape” heads up. No deals were made at this final table and after a short lived heads up battle “RibyJl9R” came out on top for a $96,555.00 first place prize while “da Ape” had to settle for second place and $71,955.00.

The Sunday Million saw the last three remaining players make a deal. Russian “Monsthand” was the shortstack and received $130,396.94 out of the deal while “sick_rådi” from Sweden and “jony_lv” from Israel had considerably larger stacks and received $172,227.36 and $180,020.36 out of the deal. Eventually it was “jony_lv” who outlasted both of his opponents and took down this weeks’ Sunday Million!

The Sunday 500 also saw a three way deal being struck as “bebuchamp” from Argentina, “ex6tenceLV” from Latvia and “KING SAMHOR” from Mexico were battling for the top prizes. “bebuchamp” was the shortstack receiving $42,294.02 from the deal and was eliminated in third place. “ex6tenceLV” received $45,254.02 from the deal and put up a good heads up battle, but eventually it was “KING SAMHOR” who came out on top with $53,455.46 in winning.

Action at Full Tilt Poker was good on Sunday as huge prize pools were built up in the majors and the first in line was The Sunday Brawl. Players did not make any deals and heads up was all about Latin America as “x13full” from Argentina faced “Dark Yoshi 100” from Peru. After a long battle “Dark Yoshi 100” had to settle for second place and $30,582.72 while “x13full” became the champion and earned $45,920.00 for his efforts.

Another three way deal was made in the $250,000 Guarantee and once again players fell in the exact order that the money was split in the deal. “GANDIFCP” from Portugal was the shortstack, receiving $32,654.98 from the deal and eventually being eliminated in third place. “Steve575” from Switzerland was second in chips and received $40,734.72, but once again he could not put up a fight against the chip leader heads up and lost to “Bruce_L33t” from Sweden, who took down the tournament and earned $48,419.10.

Last but not least in the Super Seized Sunday where Andrew “APD0290” Dean who currently resides in Mexico took down the tournament outright beating Russian player “Veeea” heads up for $31,104.00. Andrew has a very impressive online track record with wins in the Sunday 500, Super Tuesday, Sunday Supersonic and other major tournaments, not to mention a second place finish in a SCOOP tournament in 2012 for over $150,000!

Sunday Warm-Up

$215 buy-in
3075 runners
$615,000 prize pool

1. RibyJl9R $96,555.00
2. da Ape $71,955.00
3. Sobizzle21 $51,045.00
4. Stella948 $35,362.50
5. Éles01 $26,328.15
6. PURSHistik $19,987.50
7. Chaz D 87 $13,837.50
8. AliStatus33 $7,687.50
9. OTT CANADA $4,920.00

Sunday Million

$215 buy-in
7090 runners
$1,418,000 prize pool

1. jony_lv $180,020.36*
2. sick_rådi $172,227.36*
3. Monsthand $130,396.94*
4. szwindel $75,154.00
5. Flamboyantz $58,138.00
6. mizzB111 $43,958.00
7. GAN 029 $30,487.00
8. lillstubben $17,016.00
9. henrikx $10,989.50

Sunday 500

$530 buy-in
682 runners
$341,000 prize pool

1. KING SAMHOR $53,455.46*
2. ex6tenceLV $45,254.02*
3. bebuchamp $42,294.02*
4. OLD TIME GIN $25,404.50
5. Shankar825 $17,732.00
6. PokerSavage1 $14,322.00
7. Langustee $10,912.00
8. theNERDguy $7,502.00
9. Schildy1984 $4,433.00

The Sunday Brawl

$255 buy-in
1,148 runners
$229,600 prize pool

1. x13full $45,920.00
2. Dark Yoshi 100 $30,582.72
3. jaggalo1231 $21,812.00
4. WillyWartaaL $16,301.60
5. HopeDiesLast $12,168.80
6. StevoL_7 $8,954.40
7. 4CashNow $6,658.40
8. HosentRoger $4,821.60
9. Athilla $3,444.00

$250,000 Guarantee

$255 buy-in
3,088 runners
$617,600 prize pool

1. Bruce_L33t $48,419.10*
2. Steve575 $40,734.72*
3. GANDIFCP $32,654.98*
4. j__thaddeus $20,206.60
5. memories7 $15,083.80
6. shing99 $11,099.40
8. Dahotshot $5,976.60
9. Pokergaal91 $4,240.54

Super Seized Sunday

$635 buy-in
192 runners
$115,200 prize pool

1. APD0290 $31,104.00
2. Veeea $19,584.00
3. Frysboxen $14,688.00
4. IneedMoneyXX $11,520.00
5. Kavin86 $8,640.00
6. PrtyPsux $6,336.00
7. EzPaTuLa $4,320.00
8. daniel levi1 $3,456.00
9. Tagult $2,592.00