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Another very exiting weekend is in the books and the action was as hot as ever!

Perhaps the biggest event of the weekend was the conclusion of yet another MiniFTOPS series with the $750,000 Guaranteed Main Event being played out. Action at PokerStars was pretty good too with multi-million dollar guarantees and the $10,300 High Roller heads up tournament being played out in the WCOOP series.

Let’s start from the beginning with WCOOP Event #43, where 8313 players showed up, creating a $1,662,600.00 prize pool with almost $250,000 going to first! After two-days of play, the 5 remaining players agreed on a deal where all of them received more than $100,000. “Palmero92” from Germany was the chip leader at the time and received $184,569.27 but could not hold on to the lead as “JNandez87” from Switzerland who got $179,741.36 out of the deal eventually beat him heads up to take down his first WCOOP title. “JNandez87” previously final tabled the Sunday Warm – up and the Sunday Second chance three times!

Next up was Event #44 – the $10,300 High Roller heads up event that as usual attracted some of the best players in the world. 61 players showed up to battle for the $213,500.00 first place prize. The last game was played out 10 hours after the start and it was between “”0PIGGYBANK”” from Austria and Daniel “mrGR33N13” Colman from Canada. Some time into the head up battle players struck a deal with “mrGR33N13” receiving $172,500.00 and “”0PIGGYBANK”” receiving $163,000.00. Not long after the deal was done “mrGR33N13” solidified his lead and soon after emerged victorious!

The last event of the weekend was the $2,100 buy – in Event #45. Eventually 1437 players showed up, bumping the prize pool to almost $3,000,000 with almost $500,000 going to first! Nearing the final table, a lot of big names were still in the hunt for a massive payday, including Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden who was eliminated in 13th place. Well – known online pro “lilholdem954” was going strong until the very end where he was eliminated in 3rd place for a huge $264,408.00 score. The day, however, belonged to “paphitti” from the UK who won the tournament for a staggering $480,101.70!

Meanwhile, at Full Tilt Poker the last two event of the MiniFTOPS series were played out with Event #38 kicking off first. In the end two players were left standing with almost identical stacks which led them to a deal with awarded “ISKENDER_POKER” from Finland $20,830.91 and “mjbnOne” from the Czech Republic $21,600.00. Eventually it was “mjbnOne” who took down the tournament and received his first MiniFTOPS title!

Next up was the MiniFTOPS Main Event which featured a $750,000 prize pool with more than $100,000 going to first! More than 10,000 people registered for this event and after countless hours of play Luke “LFmagic” Fields defeated “JOBYTOYCE” from Ireland heads up to claim the title and $117,863.55! Luke Fields, of course, is no stranger to big wins as he already had a third place finish in the Sunday Million and an FTOPS win worth over $200,000!

WCOOP Event #43

$215 buy-in
8313 runners
$1,662,600 prize pool

1. JNandez87 $179,741.36*
2. Palmero92 $184,569.27*
3. Ohljo $108,144.13*
4. TheKhopMan $122,347.99*
5. dr.Cooley $127,384.51*
6. jaggalo1231 $51,540.60
7. elementx8 $35,745.90
8. N0sferatv $19,951.20
9. trickjump1 $12,885.15

WCOOP Event #44

$10,300 buy-in
61 runners
$610,000 prize pool

1. mrGR33N13 $172,500.00*
2. “0PIGGYBANK” $163,000.00*
3. Lottenice $61,000.00
4. Sussie Smith $61,000.00
5. fish2013 $38,125.00
6. caaaaamel $38,125.00
7. ChaoRen160 $38,125.00
8. TwoSHAE357 $38,125.00

WCOOP Event #45

$2,100 buy-in
1437 runners
$2,874,000 prize pool

1. paphiti (United Kingdom) $480,101.70
2. BrynKenney (Canada) $350,628.00
3. lilholdem954 $264,408.00
4. Shankar825 $195,432.00
5. omalos $140,826.00
6. BOOOMMMM $112,086.00
7. Anjeyyy $83,346.00
8. mickyray2010 $54,606.00
9. Purakzoli $29,889.60

MiniFTOPS Event #38

$26 buy-in
7,878 runners
$157,560 prize pool

1. mjbnOne $21,600.00*
2. ISKENDER_POKER $20,830.91*
3. smooke78 $12,132.12
4. rmorrell11 $8,035.56
5. Iveryyy1 $5,199.48
6. mehditheboss84 $3,466.32

MiniFTOPS Event #39

$75 buy-in
10,863 runners
$760,410 prize pool

1. LFmagic $117,863.55
2. JOBYTOYCE $79,843.05
3. tyumenChere $56,270.34
4. rkruok $40,453.81
5. Hokolix $29,655.99
6. DYnaSTyZz $21,291.48
7. Ser1Ace $15,208.20
8. Gavaz $10,873.86
9. PULSE ZZ $7,687.75