Well, that’s it for summer, it’s back to school for kids and back to the grinding felt for pro’s with only fun summer memories to remember for the next 9 months… Even though the end of summer might be a bit depressing for some people, as usual, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker provide you the opportunity to walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars every weekend, so why be sad when you too can take to the felt and battle for life changing money!

As usual the weekend kicked off with the Sunday Warm Up and “Palsgaard1” from Denmark was in the lead for most of the final table. When play got down to three players, “Palsgaard1” was the major chip leader and a deal was made where he received $88,411.38, while “CameleonBE” from Belgium received $53,084.72 and “pol17pl” from Poland got $60,979.00. Eventually it was an easy cruise to victory for “Palsgaard1” as he knocked out both of his remaining opponents and won the Sunday Warm Up!

Soon after the Sunday Million was coming to an end and this time four remaining players decided to strike a deal. This time the lion share went to “Jim1983Pim” from Austria who was the chip leader at the time and received $169,696.28. Russia’s “le kork” was in second chip position and received $141,326.20, Estonia’s “remrem123” was third and received $121,168.58, while “MarsoE” from Argentina was the shortstack and got an even $100,000.00. Just like in the Sunday Warm Up, “Jim1983Pim” did not give up on his chip lead and carried it all the way through to the last hand of the tournament!

The Sunday 500 did not see any deals being made and eventually it came down to “all in 2526” from Israel and “sherrrlock” from Malta. After a tough battle, “sherrrlock” came out on top and won the tournament for $57,468.75 while “all in 2526” had to settle for second place and $41,377.50.

Full Tilt Poker’s weekend majors were also full of deals, but the Sunday Brawl was an exception. Players were negotiating a deal at various points of the final table, but eventually none took place and it was “Vadka” from Ukraine and “Sergio59rus” who were heads up for the $40,000.00 first place prize.
“Sergio59rus” had the upper hand for most of the heads up battle and eventually closed out the tournament, leaving “Vadka” with second place and $26,640.00!

The $250,000 Guarantee saw a three way deal made between “SmurfeHits” from Norway, “Kakafoni” from Sweden and “MagicGog” from Russia. The Russian was the shortstack when the deal was struck and was soon out with a $28,961.62 payday. “Kakafoni” was not that far behind in chips after the play got down to heads up, but he could not overcome the aggressive game of “SmurfeHits” and finished in second place for $35,343.68 while “SmurfeHits” received $42,744.70 for his efforts!

Last but not least was the Super Seized Sunday where “xa4ik800” from Russia and “Cull3y” from Brazil were the last two players left fighting for the title. After a while both players were still closely matched in chips and decided to make a deal with each getting ~$22,000.00. Eventually “xa4ik800” overcame the Brazilian and won the Super Seized Sunday.

Sunday Warm-Up

$215 buy-in
2820 runners
$564,000 prize pool

1. Palsgaard1 $88,411.38*
2. CameleonBE $53,084.72*
3. pol17pl $60,979.00*
4. Adrian900123 $32,430.00
5. T-Recz $24,534.00
6. joeyspanne88 $18,894.00
7. serhiy1989 $13,254.00
8. NeoForastero $7,625.28
9. powx4 $4,794.00

Sunday Million

$215 buy-in
6659 runners
$1,418,000 prize pool

1. Jim1983Pim $169,696.28*
2. remrem123 $121,168.58*
3. le kork $141,326.20*
4. MarsoE $100,000.00*
5. gmlg $55,935.60
6. radarinio $42,617.60
7. shadow77000 $29,999.60
8. WhoAreYoux1 $15,981.60
9. Anjeyyy $10,321.45

Sunday 500

$530 buy-in
613 runners
$306,500 prize pool

1. sherrrlock $57,468.75
2. all in 2526 $41,377.50
3. elmerixx $30,650.00
4. IneedMassari $22,987.50
5. snipersvd78 $16,091.25
6. Puropoker123 $13,026.25
7. BIack88 $9,961.25
8. Paolo69 $6,986.25
9. jektiss $4,321.65

The Sunday Brawl

$255 buy-in
955 runners
$200,000 prize pool

1. Sergio59rus $40,000.00
2. Vadka $26,640.00
3. Dariepoker $19,000.00
4. g0epr0 $14,200.00
5. Believer8219 $10,600.00
6. Mbumech $7,800.00
7. LeonP $5,800.00
8. darek1987pl $4,200.00
9. PikkuHUMPS $3,000.00

$250,000 Guarantee

$255 buy-in
1,229 runners
$250,000 prize pool

1. SmurfeHits $42,744.70*
2. Kakafoni $35,343.68*
3. MagicGog $28,961.62*
4. artist666 $17,750.00
5. Illini213 $13,250.00
6. thereal_bandito $9,750.00
7. baratur $7,250.00
8. Rafael Caiaffa $5,250.00
9. Medved Hornet13 $3,750.00

Super Seized Sunday

$635 buy-in
159 runners
$100,000 prize pool

1. xa4ik800 (rus) $22,450.58*
2. Cull3y (brazil) $21,549.42*
3. thereal_bandito $12,750.00
4. Chester21o $10,000.00
5. Rafaelo134 $7,500.00
6. sipinho13 $5,500.00
7. bombum $3,750.00
8. Mrluckypants $3,000.00
9. Sally21671 $2,250.00