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I learned a few things this weekend… most of them positive:

 1) When the wife and daughter are out of town, it is prime poker time, the house is silent and there are no distractions, 4 tabling is much easier.

2) When you are on the win streak and the confidence is high, somehow the improbable happens and the cards keep coming.

3) You can still be a nice guy and a prick during poker.  I am living proof, I’m a nice guy but at the table I can be a real prick… if I see something that I think will tilt you, I’m exploiting it.

4) Tilt is not to be entered lightly… it will cost you a bunch.

5) Even though you are up, you won’t continue to be… gained 15 then lost 25 on the bankroll in one day…

6) Laugh and learn to love the guys who call you a donk when you are killing them… you may be a donk but you are the one winning.

7) Don’t laugh when you pulled a stupid call and it gets through, learn to not make that call again.

8) Flushes are hiding everywhere… watch for them closely.

9) A-rag is a popular hand in .05/.10 NLHE on FTP

10) I like lists today.

Enjoy… let’s go make some MONEY!