Select Page is offering its poker players a once in a lifetime opportunity by putting up one seat for the Cannes Charity Poker event.  Here they will get to play alongside some famous A-list celebrities, as well as some super-rich charity donators.

Two stars already confirmed for the event are Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, who are both known for their poker and acting prowess. They will be joined by several yet to be announced stars in the 60 player charity tournament. It doesn’t just end with a chance to play with the rich and famous however, as the first place finisher in the charity tournament will win a $250,000 beach house in Durban, South Africa. The winner of the seat from the freeroll tournament (plus a guest) will also stay three nights at the Palme d’Or five star hotel in Cannes. Furthermore, proceeds from the event will be going towards two great charity organizations, ‘Not on Our Watch’ and ‘One Voice for Freedom.’

The best part of the whole deal is that any player from has the chance to win this amazing prize. To gain entry into the May 9th freeroll tournament qualifier, all you have to do is earn 1200 player points on between March 1st and May 6th. All players who do this will automatically be eligible for entry into the freeroll tournament where the winner will receive the grand prize. For those who don’t manage to earn the points required, there is also a $150 + $10 satellite tournament offered on May 7th.  The three top finishers will receive entry into the freeroll qualifier as well.

So sign up at and start playing now. Soon enough you could be sitting in Cannes taking chips from Matt Damon.  Or, if you are really good, you could be sitting at your brand new beach house in South Africa.