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Most players that take up the hobby of poker dream of turning that hobby into a full-time job. This would require that the player be able to make enough money playing poker to support themselves. Playing poker professionally allows players to create their own schedule and have a lot more free time. Unfortunately, to get to a point where poker can be played as a full-time job requires hard work and dedication. PokerStars has decided to give dedicated players a chance at winning six Dream Jobs as a poker professional. The Dream Jobs are worth a substantial amount and, luckily, there are tons of ways to qualify.

PokerStars has six Dream Jobs up for grabs for players in Central and Eastern Europe. Countries that qualify include Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, F.Y.R.O.M., Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, or Montenegro. Each Dream Job will last for one year and will be worth $42,000. The prize will be composed of a $24,000 salary and $18,000 in PokerStars tournament buy-ins, both paid in monthly installments.

Players can win their Dream Job by playing in a series of freerolls. PokerStars will freerolls each day from October 18th to November 21st at 19:00 CET, except on Sundays. The top 50 winners of each daily freeroll will win a seat at the Weekly Freeroll Final. These Weekly Freeroll Finals will take place every Sunday from October 24th to November 21st at 19:00 CET. The top 20 places of each Weekly Freeroll will then go on to the Grand Freeroll Final on November 22nd at 19:00 CET where the winner will receive their Dream Job!

PokerStars has opened up the Grand Freeroll Final to players that want to go through the video casting process. Players will need to submit a two-minute casting video to their country’s PokerStars Facebook Fan page. The video must explain why that player would be a good PokerStars ambassador. PokerStars will be looking for poker ability, style, and personality. The ten best videos from each country’s Fan page (for a total of 70) will be entered into November 22nd’s Grand Freeroll Final. The final date to submit videos is November 14th.

Cash and FPP Qualifiers are also available for a chance to qualify for a Dream Job. On the cash side, there is a Stage 1 Cash Qualifier, a Stage 2 Cash Qualifier, and a Cash Rebuy Qualifier. Players may enter the Stage 2 Qualifier by putting up $11 or placing in the top 70 of the Stage 1 Cash Qualifier. The Top 15 of each Stage 2 Cash Qualifier will go on to the Weekly Final (which we will get to shortly. Players may also enter a Cash Rebuy Qualifier ($5.50 + rebuys) where the Top 15 places will win an entry to the Weekly Final. The FPP Qualifers work the same way. Players may enter the Stage 2 FPP Qualifier by using 700 FPPs or placing in the top 10 of the Stage 1 FPP Qualifier. A FPP Rebuy Qualifier is also available for 50 FPPs + rebuys. The Top 3 places of the Stage 2 FPP Qualifier or the FPP Rebuy Qualifier will go on to the Weekly Final.

The Weekly Final will give away the remaining five Dream Jobs to the top five winners of the tournament. These tournaments will start at 20:00 CET every Sunday from October 24th to November 21st. Players may qualify for the Weekly Final through the Qualifiers outlined above or by buying in for $109. SuperNova and SuperNova Elite VIPs may purchase a $109 Weekly Final ticket for 6,500 VPPs during the Dream Job promotion.

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