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Miss your chance to land your seat to the EPT Copenhagen 2008 event? If you did I can understand why. The event had its max seats sold out in under 48 hours, which I’m not sure but has to be some sort of record! This highly anticipated EPT event is completely sold out and there is a waiting list longer than Doyle Brunson’s Super System for backups. However, if you play at Ladbrokes Online Poker Room, you could find yourself in Copenhagen for free!

Ladbrokes isn’t just randomly giving these high demand seats away, nor are they just holding one tournament and saying good luck. Starting on January 25th until February 8th, Ladbrokes will be keeping track of how many points you earn at their poker room. So in order to have your chance at this EPT event, you need to play a lot of poker during this period. This is a much better setup than just one tournament where a lot of luck is involved, the people who play the most will get rewarded!

You can qualify one of two ways, by playing cash games or sit and gos. If you chose the cash game route, you will earn Race Points for every one cent you pay in rake. This is one of the fairest way towards all players, low and high stake. Granted, the higher stake players will have an advantage by having more raked pots, but it comes down to your personal contribution. If you play sit and gos, you earn Race Points for each cent paid in fees. This is where the high stake players will have the biggest advantage because they can play the same amount of tournaments with higher fees. So if you are a low-mid stake player and really want to shoot for your name on this list, I would try to grind out as many hands at the cash tables as possible.

However, they don’t just award the seats to the players who finish in first on either leaderboards. The players who finish in the top 30 for the cash game and sit and go leaderboard will be entered into the exclusive Ladbrokes EPT rake race tournament on Sunday February 10th at 20:00 GMT. The 60 players in total will then have their shot at 2 of these seats! But remember, it isn’t just some random tournament. The amount of chips you start with depends on your position you finished in the overall leaderboards. If you happened to be the one who won the SnG or cash race, you would start with an extra 3000 chips, 5000 in total! This then decreases down (+2500 for 2nd, +2000 for 3rd, etc) to 11th – 30th who all start with the standard 2000. This gives the people in the top 10, especially top 3, a huge advantage for their seats.

A couple things to note if you want to take your shot at this are; Mondays are bonus days and reward twice the points, this is for the seat only and no cash alternative is available, and this package does not pay for travel or hotel costs, which is a pretty big let down. However, it is for a sold out EPT seat, which would be worth any travel costs! The actual value of the seat is 47,750DKK + 2,250 DKK, which is approximately €6,700 (~$9,800). The EPT Copenhagen 2008 will start on February 19 and will run through the 23rd at the Casino Copenhagen in Denmark.

If you are going to play anyway, why not take your chance? Signup at Ladbrokes through FTR and receive a 100% up to $500 bonus for your troubles! You can earn this bonus while trying to stay atop the leaderboard. Ladbrokes updates the top 100 daily for each category on their website, so check to see if your name is listed. All you have to do is click on the links on this page and you can be sitting next to the pros at Copenhagen! Good luck!