According to a recent statement, one of the leading providers of online casino software will soon be bowing out of the market. Wizard Gaming, a developer license by the Isle of Man., will auction off company assets in the coming weeks. Items hitting the block include highly prized software and developmental materials.

Founded only a few years ago, Wizard has produced some of the most popular internet slots in the industry. Their platform is one of the most widely accepted in the gaming populace, which has led to concerns about the company’s closing. Despite their excellent products, the closing of Wizard shows that there is no way to guarantee success in the online gaming business.

It is estimated that Wizard poured $5 million into producing their current suite of online games. Unfortunately, the company’s assets, which are set to come up for public auction, are valued at only $300,000. This comes as something of a shock, considering the four years that the developers spent expanding their stable.

The real winner here obviously won’t be Wizard. Instead, it will be the other casinos who are able to snap up their software at a bargain price. This should provide an injection of excitement into the industry, allowing new sets of hands to build upon the company’s critically acclaimed platform.

Those curious to see the software for themselves can find it in several places. One such location is Great Britain’s SlotsCountry. With more than 25 different slots available at this one location, Wizard’s sharp graphics and smooth interfaces should encourage heated bidding.