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I haven’t updated this blog in quite a while.  Have gone through a major downswing down to almost my initial bankroll and slowly built myself back to where I was about a month ago.  ChrisBCritter has been a substantial and big influence in this process.  Deuce Blue got me to the initial level but then I struggled and lost faith, Chris helped me get it back.

 I’m currently working on learning the aggressive style, playing a little more attack poker as I call it.  I’ve take a few days off here and there for life events… let’s just say my brother isn’t the brightest.  This weekend I hope to play a bit again, probably some tonight.  It’s been a hard week because life keeps intruding on the game.

So what am I working on my low buy in devotees?  (Ok, the one or two of you who actually read this drivel)? 

From May 22nd through the 31st my goals are:

Break 90 on the golf game (have had two lessons this week, recovering my swing and getting it all back on track, used to shoot low 80’s last year, lost it over the winter).

Break the $200 barrier on my BR.  Once at the $200 mark play $5 SNGs exclusively.

Stop snap calling all shoves.  Even when I have the obviously better hand I need to pause and think about it.

Get trashed at least once.

Ok, so maybe some of the goals aren’t so noble… but that is the plan.  Check out my operations thread for more details on the day to day, didn’t figure you wanted to be bored around here.

Keep Dealin… Keep dragging pots…   Monty