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A big step has been made for female poker players this month. Van Nguyen won the first televised World Poker Tour event by beating out 444 players and winning a large portion of the money donated to the event by Commerce.

This is pretty exciting for women in the poker community. It showcases that women are more than capable of coming out on top when the cards fall. In a sport dominated by men it really shows a lot of talent for Van Nguyen to place like she did at this tournament.

Steve Lipscomb, the founder and creator of the WPT had the following to say:

“This great sport of poker is the only one that focuses on an individual’s skill–regardless of gender–and we’re thrilled the time has finally come to celebrate a female WPT Champion.”

I think it’s apparent that everyone shares in the excitement for Nguyen and we can only hope this leads to more televised events so the female poker population continues to get noticed. They’re more then deserving and it’s about time a woman came out at the top!