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The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker continues to heat up with bigger prize pools and more action. The 35th event of the WCOOP was a rebuy and add-on event that cost $200 + $15. Players were able to rebuy for 3,000 chips during the first hour once their stack dipped below 3,000 chips (their starting stack). Additionally, at the hour break, players were given the option to add-on 3,000 chips regardless of their stack size. Both options cost an extra $200.

In addition to a rebuy and an add-on being allowed during the first hour, entrants were allowed to register for the tournament any time within an hour of the starting time. With all these methods of inflating the prize pool, PokerStars set their guarantee at a huge $1 million prize pool. A total of 982 players entered the tournament at registration. This number went up to 1,230 entries with 634 rebuys within the first 10 minutes. As registration closed, a total of 1,882 grinders registered with 1,733 rebuys being recorded. This brought the prize pool up to $723,000. The final push of 1,268 add-ons brought the prize pool to $1,003,400. This translated into a potential $160,544 payday for one lucky tournament player.

After 13 hours of play, the final table began at level 34 with blinds at 17K/35K and an ante of 4,375. With all the extra chips being put into play due to the rebuys and add-ons, the average stack at the final table was approximately 2 million chips. This means the average player at the table had about 57 big blinds to work with against other opponents. This is rather high for a final table.

The final two players left in the tournament were badplyr99 and Wretchy. Badplyr99 was at an advantage with 10,498,122 chips to Wretchy’s 7,088,878 chips. At the 15-hour break, the pair of heads-up players were basically even with badplyr99 at 8,810,222 chips and Wretchy at 8,776,778. Team PokerStars host Sebastien “Seb86” Sabic ran the numbers which granted each player about $130,000 with $20,000 left for the winner. Wretchy supported the deal but badplyr99 shot it down.

Within 10 minutes of play after the break, Wretchy took the advantage and a 2-1 lead over badplyr99. After another 20 minutes, Wretchy had a huge advantage over badplyr99 with a 13,583,713 chip to 4,003,287 chip lead. The two finally got it all-in preflop with Wretchy’s AhQs ahead of badplyr99’s Kd7h. The board was a 2c6c5dQh8h giving Wretchy a pair of queens and the win. Congratulations to Dan “Wretchy” Martin on his $160,544 payday and his gold bracelet! The final table results were as follows:

1st – Wretchy – $160,544
2nd – badplyr99 – $120,408
3rd – IfIHadItAll – $90,306
4th – mezvinsm – $65,973.55
5th – Odd_Oddsen – $47,661.50
6th – osten – $37,125.80
7th – miw210 – $27,091.80
8th – QqbazTT – $17,599.50
9th – lankeshwar – $10,034