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With just five days away from the $5,150 buy-in main event at Caesars Indiana, many poker fans can’t wait to see how their favorite players will fare at this latest World Series of Poker Circuit challenge.  However, you don’t have to wait for the action as plenty of it has already taken place in the smaller events.

Results are in from the first seven Caesars tourneys and STHollywood covered four of them in his post here.  But here is a quick recap anyways before we get to the latest three events:

 Event 1: David Burch not only earned victory and $34,000 in this $340 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em game but also his fourth cash in a WSOP event.
Event 2: In another $340 buy-in, the half No-Limit Hold’em and half Pot Limit Omaha game was won by Nima Hassannejad who earned $12,000 for his efforts.
Event 3: With the stakes raised to a $550 buy-in, this No-Limit Hold’em contest saw Craig Brumfield take home the $38,000 prize.
Event 4: This Friday No-Limit tourney featured 622 participants but the only one standing in the end was Tim Laws, who cashed for the third time in the WSOP with $49,000. 

Now onto the last three events that have taken place.  Event 5 was yet another No-Limit Hold’em tournament and offered a $61,000 prize for the winner.  Tim Vance, winner of the EPT Scandinavian Open was victorious after beating Brian Roberts in heads-up play.

Event 6 took its focus towards the women in the “Ladies Only” No-Limit game.  The prizes weren’t extremely large for this $225 buy-in but Kelsey Kizer wasn’t complaining after she pocketed $12,879 for winning this event.  Patricia Till cashed in at $7,083 after taking second place.

The last Caesars tournament to have its results in as of now is Event 7.  This $340 buy-in was the fifth out of the first seven tourneys to be a No-Limit Hold’em one.  With $25,827 on the table for the winner to claim, Kentucky native Kevin Davis grabbed the prize and his fourth WSOP cash as well.

There’s still plenty of more poker action to be seen at this year’s Caesars Indiana affair.  And with the Hold’em championship looming in Event 12, things only look to get more exciting!