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With an event like Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Low-8 or Better, it’s obvious that there’s not going to be a whole lot of players biting at this type of event.  Even if it is the WSOP.

But don’t tell that to the 388 players who chose to pay the $2,500 buy-in fee to participate in it for the purpose of grabbing a piece of the #892,400 prize pool.

The action went pretty fast on the first day as the starting number of 388 was trimmed down to 108 after the first day.  Among the big name players that survived this first day were Greg Raymer, Howard Lederer, Men “The Master” Nguyen, and Hoyt Corkins.

Day 2 would be a rough one for Lederer, Nguyen, and Raymer though as they all busted out fairly quickly to kick off the second shift.  Corkins didn’t survive the day either as he also went out on day 2. 

Some players like Allen “Chainsaw” Kessler, Berry Johnston, and Brandon Cantu made it farther into the tournament but they all ran out of chips before the final table.

Those that were fortunate to make it to day 3 and the final table are listed below along with their chip stack:

Seat 1- Yueqi Zhu – 87,000
Seat 2- Tom Chambers – 235,000
Seat 3- Greg Pappas – 304,000
Seat 4- Michael Mizrachi – 231,000
Seat 5- Daniel Mowczan – 122,000
Seat 6- John Racener – 180,000
Seat 7- John Cernuto – 285,000
Seat 8- Farzad Rouhani – 513,000

Rouhani obviously had a solid advantage heading into final table play as he held a 209,000 chip lead over the next closest competitor.  But as most poker fans know, things don’t always work out for the chip leader in theses situations.

Especially with someone like Robert Mizrachi seated at the table.  Unfortunately though, he wouldn’t be seated here for long though as he quickly busted out in 8th place.  Daniel Mowczan and John Racener weren’t far behind in joining him either as they went out in 7th and 6th place.

Now Greg Pappas was trying to make a move with these two gone but his straight bottomed out against the flush of Tom Chambers.  

After this, Yueqi Zhu was desperately trying to do something as he was short-stacked but that something turned out to be el busto when his drawing hand was beaten by the aces of Rouhani.

John Cernuto was hoping to make it to heads-up play but had to go through none other than Rouhani who was trying to knock yet another player out.  And he was successful as his flush easily beat Cernuto’s two pair.

Now it was just Rouhani and Tom Chambers.  Rouhani led big after some aggressive play but he became more conservative against Chambers. 

Eventually though, he got all-in against Chambers before the turn with a flop of 7h-3c-3h.  The turn was an Ac and the river was a 3s.  Chambers had shown Ad-10c-9c-2c while Rouhani held 9s-8c-3d-2h which meant the victory went to Rouhani with a four-of-a-kind.

With the win, Rouhani got the bracelet and the $232,911 to go along with it.  Here are the rest of the results of Event #10:

1.Farzad Rouhani $232,911 
2.Tom Chambers $142,784 
3.(Miami) John Cernuto $86,117 
4.Yueqi (Rich) Zhu $63,807 
5.Gregory Pappas $48,190 
6.John Racener $37,481 
7.Daniel Mowczan $28,557 
8.Michael Mizrachi $24,095 
9.Brandon Cantu $19,633 
10.Tad Jurgens $19,633 
11.James Van Alstyne $15,171 
12.Matthew Graham $15,171 
13.Mark Gallo $10,709 
14.Hoyt Corkins $10,709 
15.Craig Gray $8,032 
16.Sam Silverman $8,032 
17.Claude Cohen $6,247 
18.Cory Wolnewitz $6,247 
19.Jeffrey Lisandro $6,247 
20.Hieu Ma $6,247