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Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better has traditionally never got the kind of attention of respect that games such as No Limit Hold ‘Em get. However, if you told that to the 9 players that headed in to the final table of Event #6 yesterday, they might have told you different. The $1.5k event saw 833 runners show up, and the final table included a few notables. Here were the chip counts heading into play yesterday.

Thang Luu: 560,000
Greg Jamison: 333,000
Chris Falconer: 331,000
Scott Clements: 315,000
Mark Wilds: 226,000
Spencer Lawrence: 226,000
Craig Sabel: 160,000
George Guzman: 196,000
James Pritchard: 155,000

Heading into the final table, the odds on favorite had to be Scott “BigRiskky” Clements. His online exploits are well known, as he’s regarded as one of the very toughest players online. His live results are unbelievable as well, as he’s amassed nearly $3 million in live cashes. This includes two WPT Championships, including his latest one for $1.3 million at the 2007 North American Poker Championships. He also has two bracelets to his name, with one coming in Pot Limit Omaha last summer, and the other one coming in Omaha Hi-Lo two years ago. Not only did he have the best credentials heading into the final table, but also clearly he’s had a great deal of success at Omaha. Chris “SKOAL” Falconer was one to watch heading into the final table, as well. Awaiting these players at the end of the tunnel was a hefty payday of $243k.

As the final table began, all eyes were on Clements. However, as everyone knows, despite someone’s prowess, the cards can change everything. After getting into three enormous pots, Scott Clements found himself down to just 30k – ten percent of what he started the final table with. He got his money in a few hands later with AAxx (it’s unknown the rest of his hand), and unfortunately JsQcKh2c ran him down, as the board had no qualifying low either. Clements was out in 9th, taking away $22,172.

Mark Wilds departed in 8th, and Craig Sabel left in 7th, taking away $30,700 and $39,228 respectively. Craig Jamison soon joined them in 6th, for $50,598.

Chris “SKOAL” Falconer found himself very short during the 20k/40k blinds, with just 80k left. He got it in with AsKcKs2c, and was called by George Guzman and Thang Luu. The board came out 9dTh5hAd5d, and that left no low hand. Guzman flipped over 9sKh7h8d, but Luu flipped up 2d7dJd6c for the winning flush. Falconer left in 5th, for a respectable $64,243.

With the blinds up to 25k/50k, the stacks became shallow, and players were forced to make moves. James Pritchard got his short stack in with 6s4s5dTd, and was up against Thang Luu’s KhQh2d9h. The flop came down Jd4dJc, a good one for Pritchard. However the turn was the Ks, followed by the 7c on the river, ousting him 4th place, for $78,456.

It didn’t take long for George Guzman to get his stack in yet again, putting his last chips in with Kd7hQc9s, up against Spencer Lawrence’s AdAcQd9d. Guzman was drawing thin, as he had no draws to a low. The 3d3h4s flop was absolutely terrible for Guzman. The Ah on the turn sealed it, and he was busted in 3rd, for $93,806.

Luu set out to grind Lawrence into dust, with the blinds up to 30k/60k. The ultimate hand didn’t take long to occur, as Luu raised preflop, and was called by Lawrence, The flop came down 7dKs8d. The two players got all the chips in, and the hands were rolled over. Lawrence held 6h5d9d5c, against Luu’s 4dKd3s7h. The turn came down 8c, and was followed by the Kc. With that river card, Luu sealed the win, and his first bracelet! Despite falling short, Spencer Lawrence took away $156,343 in 2nd. However, the day belonged to Luu, as he came in as the chip leader, and ended the day in 1st. Not only did he get his first bracelet, but he took down $243,356 as well.