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With the World Series of Poker still underway there is a lot of exciting news happening over in Las Vegas! Tournament after tournament we see great amounts of action coupled with some incredible players to observe. This really leads into Event #30 with Rob Hollink netting a big win here in the United States!

Rob Hollink, a veteran professional poker player who resides in the Netherlands, may not be a well known player in the United States, but this certainly did not stop him from winning his first WSOP bracelet in Event #30! This Wednesday Rob took the plunge to being one of the select people to earn themselves that little charm.

Starting off the final table Rob was in second place chip wise. Aaron Katz had the big stack and on the other side of the spectrum Chris Vitch had the short stack. Vitch went out early and giving Katz his small number of chips.

When it broke down to the final three things got a bit more interesting. It took just under fifty hands to eliminate Tommy Hang for third place. This netted Hang over $190,000 in cash. With the third seat eliminated there were only two left, those players being Rob Hollink and Jerrod Ankenman Ankenman started pounding Hollink for a while on the table but after a number of hands Hollink came back to be a contender. The final hand left Hollink holding a pair of Aces which left nothing for Ankenman to show when his hand contained 10-7 and nothing to boast for it. Second place was over $300,000, so even though Ankenman didn’t net the first position or a bracelet there was plenty of money to gentle the blow of going out so late in the game.

It’s clear here how exciting these WSOP events can be, especially when big players show up from around the globe to do their damage here in the United States. Some of these players may not have a name for themselves in the US, but it’s clear that they mean business at the World Series of Poker and looking forward to these guys coming out of the woodwork is just another exciting facet of the WSOP 2008.