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Thursday was the day to make or break a poker player in the World Series of Poker Main Event this year. It’s where players had to buckle down or miss making the bubble and a shot at the November Nine, the term for the last 9 players who will sit at the final table this coming November. There were a few big names floating around the table this year, even at the end of the day. Phil Hellmuth is one familiar face who looks to place well once again in this year’s world series of poker and has a formidable chip stack after the day was done.

The bubble was also burst today and the last player to miss the cut was Steve Chung. After going all in and losing to pocket kings he walked away from the table with little to show. Not all is lost though, and Milwaukee’s Best Light is paying for his seat at the Main Event next year for being this year’s bubble boy! Even though he lost his chance this year, maybe he can come back and make a more notable mark with a second chance.

A 23 year old named Joseph found himself chip leader at the end of day three. Joseph was in and out of the top 20 for most of the day and nearing the end he managed to double up and take the lead.

“It definitely feels good, you can’t really ask for any more,” said Joseph. “I just kept chipping up and eventually I won a really big hand against a kid that had about 450,000 and that propelled me to chip leader.”

Brian Schaedlich started off the day as chip leader, but after a number of hands went afoul he ended with a meager 25,000 chips which is one of the lower stacks for the time being. That means nothing though and with a little bit of luck and skill he may still push ahead before the day is done.

Day 3 certainly turned out to be an exciting one. With over 600 players eliminated on Thursday things are starting to thin out over in Vegas. That means little because once we get down to the nitty gritty there’s even more competition than before. Watch out for more exciting news on the World Series of Poker right here on FTR!