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This Tuesday (Wednesday night for those of us in Canada) the televised action at the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event continued, picking up right where last week’s two episodes left off. Day 5 saw a series of big hands, high profile exits, and more than a few heartbreaks. Just in case you missed it, click here to read last week’s recap.


Jonathan Jaffe, who opened the episode at nearly 3.9M in chips, continued his good play, winning a small pot with trips 7s to bring his total up to 4,127,000 (171 bigs).

Brad Myers was the first to be eliminated, running A10 into Sylvain Loosli’s AQ. An Ace on the flop and a 10 on the turn gave him the advantage with two pair, but his tournament life ended when the board paired Jacks to counterfeit his hand. He finished in 117th place for $50,752. Loosli collected 490,000 chips in the hand, bringing his total up to 2.1M.

Carlos “The Matador” Mortensen had the good fortune of picking up a big hand early, doubling up with AA against Maxx Coleman’s QQ. The players traded raises back and forth preflop before Mortensen 5-bet all-in and received a call. Coleman, the one-time chip leader, lost over 710,000 chips in the hand.

Poker pro JC Tran avoided a large confrontation, smartly folding his pair of 8s to a 4-bet all-in. Oliver Price’s AK was not so lucky, as Rep Porter caught a Queen on the turn and doubled up to 960,000. Price lost 30% of his stack in the hand.

Thomas Beckstead’s AK and lucky $5 Canadian bill were no help to him against Jason Mann, who eventually turned quad 5s. Beckstead finished in 113th place for $50,752.

Annette Obrestad found herself in a terrible situation against Michiel Brummelhuis after she ran a rivered two-pair into Brummelhuis’ nut straight. With a board of 5 10 4 3 8 it was almost impossible for her to put Brummelhuis on 76, especially after he 3-bet preflop. Annette lost 49% of her stack in the hand while Brummelhuis doubled up to 1.9M.

New York resident Jason Cohen was sent home right before the break after he ran KJ into Steve Gee’s QQ. Gee won 512,000 in the hand, propelling him to nearly 2.5M in chips and kept his search for back-to-back final tables alive.

Jonathan Jaffe proved he was human after all, finally losing a big hand on the featured table. He was unfortunate to be on the receiving end of a 1.86M chip runner-runner flush loss to Goran Mandic when the 10 of Spades gave Mandic’s AK a four-card flush. Jaffe, who got his money in preflop with QQ, dropped down to 3.77M.

Continuing the action on the featured table, JC Tran continued his run towards the November Nine, taking down a 1.2M pot against Goran Mandic.

Marvin Rettenmaier’s tournament came to an end when he was unlucky enough to run QQ into Carlos Mortensen’s KK preflop. Rettenmaier finished in 99th place for $59,708. With the win, Carlos brought his stack up to nearly 2M.

Jackie Glazier, one of the two remaining ladies in the Main Event, was lucky to catch a full house on the river against Yevgeniy Timoshenko’s King-high flush. Although he lost 21% of his stack, Timoshenko made an excellent fold on the river to save himself from an even bigger loss. Glazier won 920,000 in the hand.

Despite an earlier setback, Jonathan Jaffe was far from finished on Day 5. He managed to catch a gutshot straight on the river against Eli Heath’s top pair, sending him home in 92nd place. Jaffe won 1.3M in the hand.

Rivered straights seemed to be the norm on the featured table, as JC Tran caught lightning in a bottle when his Q6os caught a runner-runner straight against Castelluccio’s top pair.

Annette Obrestad and Michiel Brummelhuis again butted heads and once again, Annette came up short when her pockets 5s failed to improve against the wired pair of Kings. She was eliminated in 89th place and took home $71,503. Brummelhuis increased his chip stack to over 3.3M.

Steve Gee took a big hit against Jason Mann with a failed river bluff. Mann won 1.2M in the hand, bringing his chip count up to 5.7M.

Beverly Lange’s tournament ended in 86th place after she walked AJ into Christopher Kinane’s KK. The exit left Jackie Glazier as the final women in the WSOP Main Event. Shortly after, Glazier would hit a 10 on the river to beat Chris Johnson in a massive pot worth over 4M.

Players Remaining: 68
Average Stack: 2,800,000

Make sure to tune in next week for a recap of Day 6! Episodes will continue to air until the final table begins play in early November.