Event number eight of the Caesars Atlantic City tournament ended after a single day, even with 607 players entered. How did that happen you might ask? Well it’s simple, they changed it up and made the event a turbo event, changing the blinds every 20 minutes to yield a winner in a single day.

There’s always some non-conventional play in a turbo tournament and traditional moves and strategies no longer apply when things are pumped up so fast. It makes for a pretty exciting day and I am glad they’re putting a new face on some of the old tournaments, especially when they can pick a winner in just 10 hours.

It took only 10 hours for this game to unfold and Leo Donofrio took the winning seat. The first place pot was a generous $29,666 as well as the WSOP gold and diamond ring given to the winner.

Donofrio is an interesting winner of the event considering he’s an active musician in the New Jersey area. He has a pretty large following and has even cut a couple of records in the past. Nearly 30,000 dollars is a nice chunk of change to supplement a musician’s career if I do say so myself. It looks like it was a pretty exciting day in Atlantic City for Leo Donofrio.