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LogoDay 2 of this year’s WSOPE Main event saw the local boys dominate the top chip stacks, with 8 out of the biggest stacks coming from France, Germany or Italy. The top ten was rounded out with one American, and a Brazilian. The day ended with 69 players left in the field, all hoping to increase their stack’s during Day 3’s action.

Main Event

The chip leader going into Day 3 was High Roller regular Dominik Nitsche, who was the only one to end the day with a stack north of half a million. It was also a day where the Player of the Year Race was narrowed down to two active players as everyone in the current POY Top Ten was eliminated, apart from Daniel Negreanu (115,100) and Jeremy Ausmus (219,800). If one of these players managed to go deep enough in this event, they are going to take the Player of the Year Title. We’ll have a proper look at the maths on this if one, or both, of these players makes it to Day 4 and none of the contenders make waves in the High Roller.

Players who won’t be making it to Day 4, probably because they didn’t make it to Day 3, include the Legends of Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth.

Ivey was the first of the two Phil’s to be eliminated. A shortstacked Ivey got it all in a small favourite with pocket fours against Igor Kurganov’s Queen Jack. As a few of us may know from playing online, you don’t want to race a Russian, and Kurganov ended up hitting a flush to eliminate Ivey.

Hellmuth’s back to back WSOPE title dreams can to a screeching halt when he shoved over Loni Harwood’s minplus bet and Fabrice Soulier’s flat call in position. Harwood made the call for around 13 big blinds total, only to see Soulier shove over the top, getting Harwood to fold.

The cards were flipped on their backs and Hellmuth was in trouble. His AQ was dominated by Soulier’s
AK. Five bricks hit the felt, and the Poker Brat was sent to the rail.

Another player who won’t be making a WSOPE final table this year is Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott. The Devilfish lost, in his own words, to “…Monkey’s!” His QQd was sucked out on by Patrick Shuhl’s Q9 when the “monkey” had turned trip nines. His colourful language aside, it’s good to see the Devilfish back playing well, and I’m hoping his return to form continues.

Another big name now watching from the rail is November Niner JC Tran, who ran Big Slick into Cowboys, and failed to improve.

With just 40 players from the field going to cash this main event, the 69 left are going to have a tough Day 3 ahead of them.

Faraz Jaka (39,100), James Dempsey (63,200), Shannon Shorr (150,000), David Yan (187,200), Daniel Steinberg (201,300) and Scott Clements (239,100) are all in still in the hunt, some with more ammunition than others.

The top ten stacks going into Day 3 were:

  1. Dominik Nitsche – 504,800
  2. Ludovic Lacay – 406,200
  3. Benny Spindler – 345,700
  4. Areile Celestino – 325,000
  5. Fabrice Soulier – 319,000
  6. Guillaume Marrucho – 301,800
  7. Jay Farber – 293,700
  8. Adrien Allain – 289,200
  9. Flavien Guenan – 286,200
  10. Dario Sammartino – 283,800

We’ll be back tomorrow, with more from the Main Event, and we’ll also have details on the €25,000 High Roller Bracelet event.