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WLogoednesday’s action at the Casino Barrière just outside Paris saw the Main Event play down to a final table of six which is due to play on Friday. The other action for the day was in the high roller, where they played down to 13 players, and Daniel Negreanu is still chasing the points he needs to pick up his second Player of the Year title.

Main Event

The 2013 WSOPE main event is down to just six players going into the final table on Friday from the 24 who started Day 4. Players who were unable to survive the action for the day included Ludovic Lacay (€23,750), Mark Teltscher (€23,750), Danny Steinberg (€59,500) and Shannon Shorr (€77,500). the other Player of the Year hopefull still having a chance to pick up the title also failed to make the final table, and Jeremy Ausmus busted in 16th place for €27,250.

This left just our six final table players, which include two bracelet winners in Fabrice Soulier and Dominik Nitsche as well as 2011 EPT London Winner Benny Spindler, so it’s going to be a fun table to watch. With all players left guaranteed €126,000, the bracelet is probably going to be the key factor in motivating these players.

The stacks going into the final day are:

  1. Adrian Mateos – 3,781,000
  2. Dominik Nitsche – 2,354,000
  3. Fabrice Soulier – 1,871,000
  4. Benny Spindler – 1,748,000
  5. Ravi Raghavan – 898,000
  6. Jerome Huge – 637,000

High Roller

Normally, the big news coming out of a High Roller event is who’s got the most chips, and conversations about who’s going to win all the money and the title. This time though, that conversation is taking a back seat to Daniel Negreanu’s attempt to win the WSOP Player of the Year race for the second time. He needs to get 8th place to win the title, and spent most of the day at the top end of the chip counts. He took some hits at the end of the day, and went into the last day with 411,000 in his stack.

The second day of the high Roller started with 62 players, and ended with just 13. The bubble hasn’t burst yet, and won do so until we are down to just nine players. Jeremy Ausmus was a late registration, trying to chase some Player of the Year points, but he failed to make the cut, and was pretty swiftly eliminated.

Phil Ivey was the last elimination from Day 2, and he hit the rail when his holding of 85 had flopped two pair, but David Peters had flopped a set of nines, and when Ivey shoved the turn, Peters called. Ivey had left the table before the river hit the felt.

The stacks of the players who start the final day of the high roller are:

  1. Phil Gruissem – 1,296,000
  2. Scoot Seiver – 770,000
  3. Jason Koon – 702,000
  4. Erik Seidel – 610,000
  5. David Peters – 538,000
  6. Niolau Villa-Lobos – 527,000
  7. Daniel Negreanu – 411,000
  8. Marc McLaughlin – 304,000
  9. Byron Kaverman – 373,000
  10. Timothy Adams – 240,000
  11. Phil Laak – 144,000
  12. Tom Bedell – 124,000
  13. Joni Joukamainen – 113,000


We’ll be back tomorrow with a run down from the final table of the High roller, and a preview for the final six of the main event.