Nearly a year after his last big cash, Ylaan emerged as the winner of Full Tilt’s MiniFTOPS Event 10. The win should prove as a major boost to his bankroll, injecting more than $80,000 in capital.

The tournament itself featured $10+$1 entry tickets, with multiple entries, rebuys, and $10 add-ons all available. The game was standard No Limit Texas Holdem, with six-max tables. In all, 17,057 players anted up, with rebuys (29,083) and add-ons (10.951) absolutely shattering the $250K guarantee.

Just how high did the action climb? Check it out: $570,910.

As mentioned at the outset, this is the first major win for Ylaan in quite some time. At the end of last March, the up-and-down online player posted a $22,000-plus win at Bovada’s $200K Double Deuce. Since then, his single tournament high failed to clear $4,000.

Here’s how the rest of the final table finished:

#1 – Ylaan ($80,036.40)

#2 – FavreNYJ4 ($61,229.57)

#3 – David Pham ($39,,392.79)

#4 – TravestyFund ($25,405.50)

#5 – dougiedan678 ($16,270.94)

#6 – buckakers ($11,246.93)

The above figures reflect the deal struck between the top two finishers, which was worked out following the elimination of Pham.

The next highest finishing pro was Jon Turner, whose 125th place knockout earned him $382.51 in compensation. Felipe Mojave preceded him, with a 236th place elimination worth $302.58. Mojave also grabbed another $176.98 thanks to a 388th place berth.

In all, the top 2,100 finishers received a slice of the prize. The minimum payment handed out was set at $51.38.