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Daniel Negreanu used his blog to dish some not-so-pretty words towards the CEREUS network, which hosts the sites Absolute Poker and UB. The Cereus network has recently found itself in some pretty hot water, again, for lackadaisical network security. Basically, an investigation by some avid players revealed that it was possible, with relatively simple equipment and means, to get hole card information of other players seated at a table in real time. This has huge implications obviously, and brings into spotlight a déjà-vu like feeling for a similar incident that happened at those particular sites some time ago and involving some very high up figures, including former WSOP Main Event winner Russ Hamilton.

The outspoken Negreanu, never one to spare words but usually pulls punches, had this to say on his blog: “Apparently, from what I’ve heard, in order to crack their software all you needed to have was a Windows calculator! That’s unreal.

He goes on to say that about 10 years ago when was formed, he steered clear immediately upon hearing that Mr. Hamilton was involved with the site.

Daniel goes on to say this very valid point: “It is impossible that the same site to be implicated in the two biggest scandals the world of online poker has witnessed, and not realize that there is something inherently wrong going on there. Once a huge leak is discovered on your site like that, any responsible management should close the whole thing down until it is resolved. They should have put the kibosh on it immediately.”

Cereus needs to cereusly (see what I did there) rethink its security strategies, and not sit and wait until someone that is very prominent in the poker scene to lash out like this. And, strangely enough, UB’s own Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth, or Mark Seif from absolute Poker, remain very mum on the issue.

Practice caution when you are playing on the Cereus network from now on, until we know for sure that this very serious issue has been resolved.