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To allow you to exchange all of you current Points770, Poker770 has decided to push back the launch of its new VIP Club to the 1st of November. This should give you enough time to convert all your points the way you prefer: by betting them with the Magic Box, turning them into cash in just some clicks, paying tournaments buy-in with them and winning your share of 600.000$, or converting them into dollar bonuses at a very fair exchange rate. All these methods will permit you to benefit a maximum from your points by winning beautiful prizes. Be ready for the new VIP Club, with it you will get even more rewards and advantages in Points VIP for your fidelity to the site.

Some of the new changes include faster accumulation of Points, more frequent cash-outs, exclusive freerolls, and loyalty cash bonuses!  Based on your three previous months of Points, you will be ranked as either a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond within the VIP Club.  The higher you rank, the more rewards you’ll see!

Until November 1st though, be sure to exchange all of your current Poker770 Points!  That way you will be taking full advantage of the pre- and post-VIP Club world at Poker770!