Tired of players at heads up tables sitting out and refusing to play you? Not anymore! In a post on the 2+2 Poker Forums, PokerStars Steve has gone on record and stated that PokerStars will launch Heads Up (HU) Zoom tables “next month.”

For those of you unfamiliar with how Zoom works, it’s simple. Every time you fold or a hand ends you will instantly change tables and a new hand will begin with a different set of opponents (or the case of heads up play, one different opponent).

By introducing this option to HU play, it should partially solve the problem of predatory players picking and choosing their opponents. Countless heads up tables suffer from the same problem – strong players will wait for weak opponents and will refuse to play equally skilled players. Under the new Zoom format, players will be on a more even playing field.

This is an ongoing problem that has plagued online poker for years. Another solution is the implementation of “forced play” tables, which “requires a player to play a minimum number of hands once a second player sits with him. If the player leaves before playing that minimum number of hands, they will forfeit a small number of blinds to the other player as a penalty.” This addition is expected to take place in 2014.