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$3/6 and Beyond

Don’t get so discouraged from playing the $3/6 tables at
True, the Party tables are full of rocks and TAGs, but as long as you are able to avoid them,
then you should be okay.

document.write(PacificPokerA);document.write(PacificPokerB); also has very good $3/6 games
if you want to test the action out, and
document.write(FullTiltA);document.write(FullTiltB);’s $3/6 games aren’t that bad either.
You will have to do your own investigation and be prepared to move around to find the fish. Don’t sit at a
table full of Sharks! There’s always a better place to make more money.

The difference between $3/6 and $5/10 is not really the number of good players.
You will find good players at all tables you will sit at. It’s how these players play that is the difference.
At $3/6 you’ll find a plethora of $3/6 aggressives that just raise, raise, raise.
$5/10 games have a lot more rocks and passive players.
A check-raise almost ALWAYS means the other player has a good hand.
If you can’t beat better than TPTK, that’s a sure fire sign to get out of the pot. Obviously,
there are some exceptions, but for the most part, he has you beat.

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