Crazy pineapple is an interesting extension of common Hold’em poker games. The biggest difference between the two games is each player is dealt three cards with one being discarded after the flop.

All three cards are dealt face-down, as in Hold’em. There is a typical betting round and then the flop is dealt. After the flop betting round each player still involved in the pot must discard one of their hole-cards. This is different from typical “pineapple” where the third card is removed before the flop.

The betting structure is exactly the same as found in Limit Texas Hold’em. There are four betting rounds, Pre-Flop, Flop, Turn, and River. On the turn and river the bet doubles, also known as the “Big Bet”. The maximum number of raises on a street is three, meaning a total of four bets from each player caps the pot.

As in Hold’em players will reveal their hands after the last bet is called on the river and the best five-card poker hand wins. The nature of the three hole-cards leads to a more exciting dynamic compared to typical Hold’em with players constantly making stronger.

For those looking to play an action game with hold’em rules, crazy pineapple is certainly the way to go.

This online poker game – Crazy Pineapple – is offered at
Bovada Poker and
ACR Poker.

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Crazy Pineapple Rules
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