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EV Poker Charts – Texas Holdem Hands

The table below shows expected value (EV) numbers in LIMIT Texas Holdem. This data includes all holdem games, stakes, and positions. These overall EV statistics are based on 122,031,244 pairs of pocket cards dealt at real money tables. You sort the graph by ev based on number of players by clicking on 9p #, 6p # or 2p #. Our Position EV Table further down the page also allows you to sort by position. Click on the hand in the left column in order to see each chart. The thumbnail on the right shows an example of what our poker charts below display.

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Below is another chart which shows the hands that are +ev from the button when playing limit texas hold’em.

Button Limit Holdem EV

The unit for EV is average profit in big bets.

Here are charts for other seats:
UTG +1
Big Blind
Small Blind

Again, the charts in this section are for LIMIT data. Still, the last chart has NL groupings on the side. NL Starting Hands Groupings has more info on the NL groups.

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