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Introduction to Limit Texas Holdem Poker

Limit Texas Holdem poker (LHE) is a strategic game, with everything focused in the ‘Long Run.’ Limit Texas Holdem poker
can be just as profitable as No Limit and doesn’t require as much risk. No Limit Texas Holdem poker (NL) has the ability to win a
lot of money in a shorter amount of time, however there is always the chance to lose your entire stack on any one hand.
You cannot buy people off of pots in Limit Texas Holdem poker as you can in No Limit. You must play strategically
and always pay attention to what hands can beat you. The implied odds in No Limit Texas Holdem poker are much greater than those in
Limit Holdem. You can make a mistake and still be able to recover. Emotionally, Limit Texas Holdem is a much easier game than
No Limit Holdem. Strategically, No Limit Holdem poker is easier.

Some No Limit Texas Holdem poker players proclaim Limit Holdem as a tedious, ‘grinding’ game. In this manner, Limit Holdem
is no more different than No Limit Holdem. In Limit Holdem and No Limit Holdem, you still play the same hands,
incorporate odds in your play and rely on reads in your playing decisions.
It is true that a bad read in No Limit Holdem will harm you more than in Limit Holdem, but continuous bad reads by a
Limit Texas Holdem player can cost you just as much.

Limit Texas Holdem poker is probably the safest game to play long term, in that correct play will win you money.


I, in no way, promise any results from using this poker strategy guide. If you play solid poker you will be a winning player.
The comments and opinions in this guide have been collected over a period of time from the FTR Forums and members as well as various
poker books. There is no way to include all poker knowledge in the same strategy guide, so don’t assume I can do this here.

See below for related articles and to continue reading this Limit Hold’em Guide. All of the articles are in order, so start from the top to the bottom!

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