If I haven’t mentioned these points, then add them to the list on things to know:

1. Always play within your bankroll.

2. Only play games in which you are comfortable playing.

3. Don’t try to play opponents better than you. Find the players worse than you and KILL them.

4. Make goals for yourself and follow them.

Limit Holdem is a more than beatable game. However, don’t ever get to the point where you think
you are the best player in the world. In other words, don’t get a large ego.
There will always be players better than you. Learn from them and grow. Swings WILL happen.
As long as you play within your bankroll, variance will always go back on your side.

Learn when to quit when you are down. Most players want to play more when they are down and only
end up losing more. Going on tilt is sometimes unavoidable. Realize when you are on tilt and take a break.
Set a limit to which you are willing to lose in one day and stop there. Generally, if you lose
50BB in one day, you should quit. Players talk about how they lose 75 BB to 100 BB in one day. This happens because they should have quit playing 25 – 50 BB ago.

As you increase in limits, you will notice more and more advanced players. Study how they play and
why they play that way. You get better by watching and learning.

Never stop reading about the game. Re-read
many times. Continue to ask questions and always help other players in their game. Helping others helps yourself.

Good luck.

Author: Elipsesjeff

Main Influences: Hypermegachi, Fnord

Honorable Mention: Mike4066, Soupie, and other LHE players

Books: David Sklansky and Ed Miller’s
Small Stakes Hold’em
Hold’em Poker for Advanced Players

Most Importantly: FTR Rocks!!!

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Limit Holdem Conclusion
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