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Limit Holdem Goals

Making goals in Limit Holdem is very important in order to progress your game. Your goal for these microlimit Holdem poker games
shouldn’t be to get rich quick, because it WON’T happen. You are here to learn the game and deal with the bad beats and variance that
comes along with Limit Holdem.

What is a good goal? Play 10,000-15,000 hands. You want to be able to build experience playing without focusing on the money.
If you set your focus at playing 15,000 hands, the money will follow you there. If you read SSH
(Small Stakes Holdem By Ed Miller)
like I suggest,
you will be a winning player. How much you win depends on yourself. You are how you play (remember that!).
Most expert players win more than 3 BB/100 and a lot of beginners won’t. Don’t worry about this win rate. A relatively good or bad run over the course of 100 hands can change this number easily, as it is highly volatile.
By the time you hit 15,000 hands you’ll be more than ready for the next level.
You will also have the necessary 300 BB to move up in limits. If you don’t have the necessary 300 BB to move up,
then keep playing until you do. Do NOT move up until you are fully bankrolled for the next level.

You might be wondering how you know when you hit 15,000 hands, or how you would know what your average BB/100 win rate is.
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