Although you have the bankroll, you may not decide to move up just quite yet, which is more than understandable. However,
there are two reasons in doing so:

First: The players play just as bad at $2/4 as they do in $1/2. In essence, the same quality play will net you twice as much money.

Second: The number of raked hands drops by nearly 14%. You get more of your own money that you make, and not the poker site Itself.

It is time to say farewell to PokerRoom. Although the $1/2 games were easy to beat, they have very limited $2/4 table selection.
It is now time to make your first appearance at
PartyPoker. Id you are in the US and can’t play on Party Poker, I recommend trying out ACR Poker

Party Poker actually has 6 different poker sites that are affiliated with it. This means you can actually have 6
different accounts at the same time.

You can deposit money into all of them at different times and pick up their $100 deposit bonuses,
giving you a free $600 when everything is all said and done.

The $2/4 tables at Party are very easy to beat, just as easy as the $1/2 tables at PokerStars or Full Tilt. Again, if you feel uncomfortable,
play a couple sessions of $2/4 at
to get used to the betting.

You don’t have to deposit your entire $1200+ into the Party Poker account. In fact, I recommend you don’t.
Perhaps just deposit $600 at once in each site and continue to play $1/2 while you bonus whore. There is NOTHING wrong
with playing at lower limits while you try to increase your bankroll. There are literally dozens upon dozens of poker sites
out there giving away free money for you to play on. For example, the 100%
up to $600
ACR Poker bonus.
And, as the time passes
ACR Poker
offers occasional reload bonuses as does bwin Poker. It is always nice to have money aside for those as well.
By the time you are ready to move up from $2/4, you will have at least $3000 for your bankroll,
and you’ve probably been playing for less than 6 months.