After making 300 BB at $.25/.5 (or you have $300, both will work), then you should move to $.5/1.

You need to play the $.5/1 at
until you have reached $500 in your account, essentially 200 BB over the minimum.
If you already have $500 in your account because you’ve been killing the LHE games there, then read on.

After you have $500 in your account, you are going to be making your first withdrawal.
I recommend using Neteller. They are secure, widely accepted by 99.5% of all poker sites,
and relatively easy to use. There is a lot of money to be made outside of The Gaming Club.

The $.5/1 (and $1/2) level I consider the level of bonus whoring – you go around to all the
different poker sites and claim their respective deposit bonuses.

There are two reasons to do this:

First: It is free money. These guys are paying you to play on their poker site, and it takes so little time to do it’s a no-brainer.

Second: You are trying to increase your bankroll.

Disclaimer: Who you sign up with at each poker site is your own business. I recommend signing up through FTR to keep this site up and running. However, you should also look into other special offers or rakeback programs, both of which I will not go further into.

The first site you should deposit money into is
This site is full of loose-passive players just willing to give you their money.
What’s even better about this site is that they give you your bonus money up front, and you can withdraw your money you deposited the second after doing so. So basically, if you deposit $400, you will have
$100 sitting in the account that you didn’t have to do anything to clear. Use this as your ‘testing’
money, so when you want to move up to the next level you can play at Pacific Poker
without being worried about losing your bankroll. You are able to cash out everything above the
$100 until you fulfill the bonus requirements.

ACR Poker:
Like suggested above, withdraw the money that you originally deposited into Pacific and leave the
$100 bonus in the account. The next site you are going to visit is
ACR Poker.
Clearing this bonus will take some time at the $.5/1 level, so, after you have $600, go ahead and move
up to the $1/2 level at
Bwin Poker.

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Moving from $.25/.50 to $.50/1.00
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