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Moving from $.50/1 to $1/2

The play here isn’t too much different. After playing 10,000-15,000 hands of .5/1, you should be more than
bankrolled to play at the $1/2 limit.
players are a mixture of loose/tight players but they all play very passively and are the easiest
$1/2 tables to beat that I have found. If you feel uncomfortable moving up so quickly to $1/2,
then you should practice with your free $100 at Pacific (thats what it is there for).
You need to earn another 300 BB at the $1/2 level, which is still more than doable playing 10,000-15,000 hands,
but you may want to play as much as 20,000 hands to really get the feel of it. After the Deposit Bonus and the
300 BB at $1/2, you should have a bankroll close to $1200.

Take a second to reminisce a few months back when you deposited $100 and now you are up to $1200. You are a winning poker player!!! You should probably order (if you haven’t already done so)

Hold’em Poker for Advance Players by David Sklansky
The advice given in this book is much needed after the next level of play.

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