Omaha Hi/Lo is typically played as a limit game but can be played as pot-limit as well. Omaha Hi/Lo is also known as Omaha8b, or Omaha 8-or-better. Omaha H/L is a split-got game in which half the pot is awarded to the player holding the best five-card hand while the other half is given to the player with the best lower card hand, 8 or lower. The nut low hand is the wheel, or A-2-3-4-5. As in most split-pot games the Ace can be used both for the high and the low. Omaha Hi/Lo is typically used in HORSE and other mixed games as the “O”.

The main difference between Omaha H/L and Texas Hold’em is each player is dealt four hole-cards instead of two. On top of this players MUST use two cards from their hand and three cards from the boards. Players are not allowed to use more than three of the five community cards therefore 4-card flushes and straights are not possible.

In Omaha Hi/Lo a player does not have to use the same two cards for both the high and the low, in fact a player could theoretically use all four cards to make both a low hand and a high hand. If a player were to have both the best high and low hands he/she would “scoop” the pot, winning both sides.

Omaha hi Lo

The same betting rules apply to Omaha Hi/Lo as they do limit Texas Hold’em. The maximum number of raises on each street is capped at three, meaning each player can only put in four bets on every round. Also, the betting limits double on the turn and river, which is called the “Big Bet”.

In split-pot games players can get “quartered” which is tying for one-half of the pot. This typically occurs when both a high and low are made and there are multiple players in the pot. Two players could possibly have the same low while one person has the best high hand. The player holding the high hand would receive half the pot while the two players tying for the low would receive 1/4th, or a quarter of the entire pot.

Omaha Hi Lo

The low hand is the five lowest cards, 8 or lower, starting with the highest card. Therefore 8-4-3-2-A would lose to 7-6-5-4-3 because the 8 is of a higher rank than the 7.

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Omaha Hi/Lo Rules
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