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  • Double Shootout SnG Satellite Strategy (Micro Stakes $1 by kingnat)

    [FTR Quick Tip 017] Checking Back the Turn

    while aggression is a key trait of a successful poker player, there are situations where checking, even with a perceived best hand, can be beneficial; the video specifically discusses reasons to consider checking on the turn in No Limit Hold’em cash games
    Double Shootout SnG Satellite Strategy (Micro Stakes $1 by kingnat)

    [FTR Quick Tip 018] 4nl Session Recording

    Getting reads on your opponents is crucial in any form of poker. It is especially important in cash games where you might play against the same opponents for an hour or more. By carefully observing what your opponents do, even in hands where you've folded, you'll be able to exploit them.
    Double Shootout SnG Satellite Strategy (Micro Stakes $1 by kingnat)

    [FTR Quick Tip 021] Video: Making Adjustments

    If you play the same way against different opponents at the poker table, you're making a big mistake. The true pros always tailor their actions to the leaks and tendencies that they identify in their foes. You can get a lot of information by carefully observing the other players.
    Double Shootout SnG Satellite Strategy (Micro Stakes $1 by kingnat)

    [FTR Quick TIP 016] Identifying Fish

    quick tip on identifying weaker players, often referred to as "fish," in poker, emphasizing that the majority of profits come from exploiting these players and providing guidance on how to quickly recognize and take advantage of them in No Limit Hold'em cash games
    Leveling by Gametight

    Tilt and Why

    the psychological aspects of tilt in poker, highlighting how humans inherently link failure with self-worth, and emphasizes the importance of recognizing and managing these emotions in real-time during poker games to prevent irrational decisions and maintain optimal gameplay
    ISF – Predicting the Future and a Hand For Analysis

    ISF – Forming Ranges: Part 2

    the complexities of forming postflop hand ranges, emphasizing the importance of strategically grouping hands to maximize profitability, understanding the interplay between hands within a range, and making informed decisions based on the strength and potential of hands relative to an opponent's range
    Double Shootout SnG Satellite Strategy (Micro Stakes $1 by kingnat)

    [FTR Quick Tip 002] Preflop Raise Sizing

    the importance of appropriately sizing your preflop raises in poker, emphasizing situations when one might want to raise larger due to dead money in the pot or exploitable tendencies in opponents, and when to raise smaller, especially when facing short stacks or frequent three-bettors behind
    How the Games Have Changed

    How the Games Have Changed

    the evolution of online poker since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, highlighting how the games have become more challenging due to an educated player base, the rise of multi-tabling, and the increased use of aggressive strategies
    Breaking Down the Non-Hold’em Games Part 2

    Omaha Hi/Lo Rules

    Omaha Hi/Lo is a form of Omaha poker that, unlike regular Omaha, is usually played in limit rather than pot limit format. You'll be trying to make hands for both high and low in this format. With any luck, you'll scoop both parts of the pot!
    How the Games Have Changed

    Does Your Poker Game Suit You?

    the importance of selecting a poker game type that aligns with one's personality and preferences, highlighting that success in poker is not just about mastering the game's mechanics but also about finding a format that resonates with the player's mindset, ensuring both enjoyment and profitability
    soupie’s Win MTT Poker 05 – Rebuys, Strong Leads

    chardrian’s Analysis of a $26 Freezeout

    Sometimes, it's valuable to go over your completed poker tournaments with a hand-history viewer to analyze spots that you are unsure about and identify errors in play. You can use a replayer that automatically cuts out hands that you folded preflop so that you can focus on the important hands.
    The Process of Learning in Poker

    Avoiding Tilt

    the significance of recognizing and avoiding tilt in poker, emphasizing the importance of taking breaks, understanding the emotional triggers, and implementing strategies to maintain optimal gameplay and mental well-being
    CrunchyNut’s Independent Chip Model

    Texas Calculatem Odds Calculator

    review of Texas Calculatem, a poker odds calculator, highlighting its features such as real-time hand strength analysis, odds-based recommendations, and automatic adjustments based on table position and number of players, aiming to help online Texas Holdem poker players make more informed and profitable decisions
    soupie’s Win MTT Poker 05 – Rebuys, Strong Leads

    Radashack’s MTT Tournament Advice Part 2

    the psychological and strategic aspects of multi-table poker tournaments, emphasizing the significance of understanding one's motivation, mastering the art of misdirection, recognizing signs of strength and weakness, overcoming various forms of fear, and the importance of consistent aggression
    Chip Stack/Stacking Poker Tells

    Evaluating NLHE MTT Structure

    There are many different poker tournament structures that are common today. You need to evaluate the structure in any given MTT to determine how your strategy should change. The depth of the starting stacks (in big blinds) is an especially important factor to consider.
    Card Looking Poker Tells

    Card Looking Poker Tells

    the importance of observing opponents' reactions when they look at their cards in poker games, suggesting that players can gain valuable insights into their opponents' hands by noting their behaviors, such as the speed of their reactions, shuffling habits, and responses to the flop
    Chip Stack/Stacking Poker Tells

    [FTR Quick Tip 013] Bet Sizing

    the significance of bet sizing in No Limit Hold'em, detailing how adept players utilize it to outmaneuver their adversaries and highlighting various factors that influence the decision to place smaller or larger bets
    ISF’s Heads Up Cash Game Strategies

    Heads-Up: The Ultimate Art

    Heads-up is, without a doubt, my favorite way to play. It's a true test of your poker skills, and the best way to improve your game. While it may be nearly impossible to find a one-on-one table in a brick and mortar card room, online clients offer it as a regular staple.
    Chip Stack/Stacking Poker Tells

    Why is SPR Important?

    the significance of the Stack to Pot Ratio (SPR) in poker, emphasizing that its importance varies based on game texture and player dynamics, and discusses the intricacies of SPR in relation to aggressive history, game strategy, and the challenges of certain bet sizes in various game situations, highlighting the nuanced nature of SPR in decision-making
    Breaking Down the Non-Hold’em Games Part 2

    Razz Rules

    Razz is a form of poker very similar to 7 Card Stud. The difference is that you're playing for low instead of high. A "wheel" consists of A2345 and is the best possible hand. Straights and flushes don't count against your low hand here.
    ACR Poker Sit And Gos – Single Table

    Sit-n-Go Strategy Guide Part 3

    When determining what level of SNGs to play, you need to carefully consider your bankroll as well as your own confidence that you can beat a level. Remember to start out playing tight and loosen up later on in a tournament. Always be objective when analyzing your own play.
    soupie’s Win MTT Poker 05 – Rebuys, Strong Leads

    Higher Stakes MTT Strategy

    There are big differences between low-stakes MTTs and tournaments at higher levels. In larger tourneys, there are fewer loose-passive players and more tight-aggressive opponents. It's important to be able to mix up your ranges a bit so that you can't be easily read.
    iPhone Poker

    iPhone Poker

    challenges and solutions for playing online poker on iPhones and other iDevices, highlighting that native real-money poker apps are currently not allowed on the App Store but there are workarounds like using Java clients through jailbreaking or employing remote desktop methods