You have a pretty looking hand and your opponent has a funny, lopsided looking hand and you’re happy to see that all the money goes in the pot. The end.

Everything after that is just an illusion taking your focus away from a truth in poker. You’ve made the right move, and you’ll make money from it. Eventually.

Every time two hands go all in and you’re a 90% favorite, you’ve won 90% of the pot. Write that amount down. It’s yours. You just can’t spend it until you’ve played enough hands for luck to even out.

Think about it. You can’t win 90% of the pot there even though that’s your EV from the hand. You can either win 100% or 0%. Which means, for all things to be right and just in the world, you’ve got to lose once or twice.

As long as your opponent has outs, he can win. It’s not “Some fish: unreal” that they hit their one out, it’s poker. That’s how the game treats us. If you can’t deal with it, you will be a losing player.

This is the factor in poker that pisses people off. It drives novice poker players, who think they’re the best, crazy. It causes them to tilt and lose more money on horrid, horrid play because, “The poker gods are out the f*ck me dirty.”

Bad beats are supposed to happen. If they never did, online poker would be rigged.

Blaming rigged deals, f*cking n00bs, and horrid luck for something that is going to happen, whether you like it or not. is hurting your play.

You’ve got to be able to shake off bad beats and continue to play proper poker so that you can continue to earn 70, 80 and 90% of all the pots you play to the river. If you can’t, you’ll start earning yourself 25, or 15% of each pot and just tilt yourself further.

So how do you deal with it? It’s easier said then done. I’ve had bad downswings and have titled, but that was after nearly a month of consistently getting outdrawn in every big pot.

So how can you avoid it? There’s no absolute perfect strategy to not tilt, but you’ve got to figure something out.

The Psychology of Losing touches upon how to deal with it.

Bankroll Management helps too.

But the worst thing to do is come on here and start a thread. You should be doing everything in your power to shake it off and move on. You need to move on as quickly as you can because the period that you spend tilted is –EV.

There is no great strategy to avoiding bad beats. There is no way to “play this hand differently?!?!!?!?”. They happen to even things out and to account for all those 90 and 80% pots that you’ve won.

You’ve also got to understand that bad beats are one of the factors that keep bad players in the game. If there were no bad players in the game, it would be damn near impossible to win money in the long run.


soupie wrote:
Point 38 Do you have worms?

As I have gotten to know some of you, many of you have a huge hole in your game. A parasitic nematode just waiting to bite you in the butt. And what’s more, you feed and care for this little sucker like a friend. Many of you show him off like a badge of honor.

So how does our little pet pinworm flourish? He eats a steady diet of vocal bad beats, he drinks the poisonous attitudes of pessimism, he breathes the bad habits of promising poker players, he literally lives in shit up your ass. Each night our little pinworm, we’ll call him Tilt, comes out to be scratched and petted.

I hear you wail and moan, but it needs to be scratched. It is so itchy. I just can’t control it, I have to scratch my ass. And as is the case all over the world, you get some of that shit under your finger nails, stick your fingers in your buddies mouth, and our buddy tilt has a new home.

Now our mama’s taught us long ago to wash our hands and mind our manners. How can we be so gross?

It’s all simply the cost of doing business.

Sucks to be you.

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