Yes, poker is definitely like her. It can give you feelings of great exhilaration, and then bloody annoy you, all within the space of a few minutes.

When you first meet poker, you just want more. You can’t stop playing with her, and think she’s the best thing ever. You do some wild and crazy things, but she always seems to forgive you. You don’t really care that endless hours are spent together, all that matters is getting your daily buzz.

After a few months, you’ve learned a bit more about her. The buzz is still there, but a few questions are starting to creep in. You waited patiently for hours the other night, and still didn’t get any action. Is this the way things are going to be in the future? Are there others out there that can give you a bigger buzz? You could move on, and find yourself another beautiful woman. On the other hand, maybe you should get serious with this one.

So, you decide to give it a go. Over the next couple of years, you try to understand her as much as possible. This understanding should give you more of the good times and less of the bad times. This theory seems to work in the main, but sometimes, she doesn’t seem to follow your logic. Sometimes, she does things that make absolutely no sense, things that infuriate you. On many occasions, you just want to pack it all in. How could you think she was so beautiful? You work your balls off trying to make sense of things, but all she seems to do lately, is kick your balls even harder. Oh well, you could always take a break if things get too bad, or even get out completely. These thoughts have crossed your mind before, but you always persevere, and struggle through the bad times. All that work would be wasted if you gave up now. Anyway, today has been a good day, so maybe things are changing for the better.

More and more learning, and things seem to be paying off. Many situations that occur, you have seen before, and can handle them, causing as little aggravation to yourself as possible. There are still a few things that occasionally bite you on the ass, but, by and large, you feel in control. The bad times are now accepted, and they kind of wash over you. The good times are also just accepted, gratefully, and that constant buzz you used to get, seems to have diminished slightly. There are times when that buzz comes back strongly though, and these times make everything seem worthwhile. You finally feel like you’ve achieved something.

So, poker is indeed like a beautiful woman. Never take it for granted. Never stop understanding. Always treat it with respect. Never think you are God’s gift to it. If you mistreat it, you will fall out with it, and it will become your enemy. It could even take all of your money!

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Poker, the Beautiful Woman
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