In this missing edition of hand of the week, donkbee looks at an interesting hand where Hero had pocket tens UTG with around 25 BBs.

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Hey, guys. This is donkbee from Flop Turn River. I found another hand history in the converted database, and it involves two players, well, mostly two players. It mostly involves Player 1, whoメs under the gun, and Player 2, whoメs under the gun plus 1.

Iメm going to split my hand into two parts. The first part, which is this video, is going to talk about the hand from Player 1メs point of view, and the next video, which is Part 2, is going to talk about the hand from Player 2メs point of view. Just like last time, weメre going to be able to see two different sides of the same hand history. Okay? Letメs get started.

Weメre going to assume no reads, so maybe we were just moved to this table. You can see that Player 1 has 10s. He decides to min-raise, and Player 2 calls. It folds to the High Jack, who squeezes, and then it folds back to Player 1. Now, at this point, Player 1 probably shouldnメt like his hand as much anymore. He should already have been worried about Player 2 flatting him in early position. Then, when High Jack squeezes, he should be really worried.

At this point in the tournament, and at a new table, you have to really give credit to players until you have reads, and you canメt really assume that someone in the High Jack is going to be squeezing late here. So, in my opinion, Player 1 should just fold. Some people might make a case for flatting, and I guess you could try flatting, but what you shouldnメt do, for sure, is raise again. Youメre dead. You definitely should not push, or 4-bet, or anything. You should just fold, in my opinion, or I guess you could try flatting.
In the actual hand, the player does decide to flat, and then Player 2 decides to go all in.

Okay, now, at this point, if you already didnメt like your hand, now you really hate your hand. High Jack folded, and Player 1 should definitely follow suit and [mug 00:02:03] behind. Now, in the original hand, Player 1 actually decides to call, and weメll see how that turns out in the next video. In the next video, weメll also see what Player 2 has, so be sure to check back soon. Part 2 should be posted shortly. Until then, thanks for watching.

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Hand of the Week 5A (TT UTG w/ 25 BBs in MTT)
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