In Part 2, donkbee now looks at the hand from UTG+1, who had QQ facing the UTG raise.

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Hey, guys. This is donkbee from Flop Turn River. This video is part two of two videos about a hand between player one and player two. Last time we went over the hand from player one’s point of view and this time we’re going to look at the hand from player two’s point of view. You can see that player two has Queens and player one decided to min raise and player two decided to just call.

I like this call a lot. I think a flat is very good here. The main reason is that there’s quite a few smaller stacks behind us. These stacks are going to be more than happy to just squeeze, perhaps get all their chips in and that’s really good for us, because we can get our chips in pre-flop, too, and we’re almost always going to have the best hand.

Another reason is that if we do get heads up with player one, our hand is quite concealed and this will allow us to get paid off with worst hands post-flop; so two reasons that I really like the flat. It folds to the Hijack who squeezes and player one calls, so there we go. We got our three-bet. At this point, we should probably just go all in. Our hand does quite well against our opponent’s ranges, especially given the dead money in the pot.

In the original hand, player two does go all in. If you remember Hijack folds and, like I said last time, player one calls. That’s all there really is to talk about with this hand. I really like the way that player two played it. I think he played it really well and I think that player one played the hand quite poorly. Other than that, there’s just results. Some people are results-oriented. You want to see how the flop turn river goes, well here you go.

Player two does end up winning, hits a Queen on the turn so he wins with a set. That’s about it. I’d like to move the discussion to the forums, actually. I’ll try to start if off by asking this question: I’m wondering under what sort of circumstances would a three-bet be good for player two? If we go back, player two decides to just flat the hand. How about a three-bet? What sort of things would make a three-bet good here?

You could consider [raids 0:02:24] on players, so we could assume that player two has raids, or we could consider stack sizes behind and anything else that you can think of. Post your thoughts on the tournament forum and hopefully we can get a good discussion going. Until next time, thanks for watching.

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QQ UTG facing raise w/ 25 BBs in MTT
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